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Top Bars in Beirut



Top Bars in Beirut

Famous Bars in Beirut

This city has a few nice Beirut pubs and bars to head into. Therefore, this article explores the top bars in Beirut where tourists can enjoy having a few drinks inside them. The capital of Lebanon is also the capital of nightlife in the region. You will see a lot of watering holes here, representing a fun-loving population who have been through many years of civil conflicts. Here you will find some of the top bars in Beirut located in the famous neighborhoods of Hamra and Gemmayzeh.



Ferdinand located in Hamra

Beirut Pub - Ferdinand is A Hip Place in Hamra And Has Laid Back Atmosphere

It is not easy to be unique in this city, but this manager has managed to do it. Ferdinand is a Beirut pub which is a small and hip place in Hamra, and young artists, as well as expats, visit here normally because of its laid-back atmosphere. They offer Lebanese wines, cocktails as well as their famous Ferdi Burger. Here is mostly for the younger generation. However, at any age, you can enjoy the atmosphere here.


Torino Express Along The Gouraud Road

Beirut Pub - Torino Express Has Red Neon Lighting And is located on Rue Gouraud

Torino Express is another Beirut pub with red neon lighting on Rue Gouraud, which is a top bar in Beirut’s Gemmayzeh neighborhood. This place is a cafe during the day, offering Italian coffee and panini. At night, serves cocktails, beers, and wines.


Gatsby located on Uruguay Street

Lebanon Travel Guide - Gatsby bar is Designed like the Gatsby Movie Theme

On Uruguay Street, you can find Gatsby Bar, which is one of the more prominent bars in Beirut. This joint promises to make you feel young again. Designed like the Gatsby theme, this concept bar offers a memorable interior and refreshing outdoor seating. You can enjoy bourbon cocktails, tasty burgers, and many Midwestern treats here. If you are traveling on a budget, there is a 50% happy hour discount from Sundays to Thursdays that lasts all night.


Dragonfly next to Torino Express Bar

Lebanon Travel Guide - Dragonfly is A Tiny Pub Located in The Gourard Street

Dragonfly is a small Beirut pub among the bars on Gourard Street. This tiny cocktail bar has a retro Parisian feel with vintage jazz music playing in the background. This bar is famous for refreshing cocktails using fresh herbs from their garden.


Dany’s Bar in Badaro Neighborhood

Top Bars in Beirut - Dany's Bar is Famous With Locals And Located in Hamra

Dany’s bar in Hamra is famous among the locals and is a regular place for partygoers. The venue has 2 floors. The lower one plays live music by local bands. People turn to the street to continue the party when the inside gets crowded. You can get fresh seasonal fruity cocktails, Almaza crafts, and a fun-loving vibe here.


Best of Beirut Pubs

Plenty of good quality Beirut pubs are scattered throughout the city near the port and in downtown areas. We will mention Some of the more popular ones below.


Cafe Pub 27 on Badaro Street

Cafe Pub 27 is Located on Badaro Street and a Good Spot to Watch football Matches

Cafe Pub 27 is on Badaro Street, close to Hamra Street, and is a good place to drink. The atmosphere here is amazing, with great customer service and properly made cocktails. Also, their prices are comparable with other bars. Like many Beirut pubs, you can watch football matches here as well.


Abou Elie Pub on Kuwait Street

Abou Elie Pub on Kuwait Street is a Good Pub for Talking and Seeing Lebanon History

The most historical of any Beirut pubs, Abou Elie Pub, is where you enjoy quality drinks and see a piece of Lebanese history plastered on the walls told by many pictures and autographs of many influential actors and writers. The music here is not loud which makes it a great place to talk and the food feels like it is homemade.


Neighbors Pub on Hamra Makdessi Street

Neighbors Pub on Hamra Makdessi Street is Located Very Close to International College

Neighbors Pub on Hamra Makdessi Street, very close to International College, is one of the great bars in Beirut for enjoying nice music and calm vibes and sometimes watching football matches. Prices are acceptable, and the service is quite good.

Also, if you want to enjoy some coffee and local desserts, head to one of the top cafes in Beirut where they offer great local coffee and sweets for a very good and cheap price. These cafes have nice outdoor seats to enjoy watching people go by in always Mediterranean weather city.

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