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Top Budget Eateries in Jerusalem



Top Budget Eateries in Jerusalem

Cheap Places to Eat in Jerusalem

Traveling to Jerusalem can become expensive if you are not carful with your expenses. But there are many cheap places to eat in Jerusalem that you can get some delicious food there and spend less than eating in other touristy restaurants. Jerusalem’s food scene is as diverse and flavorful as the customs that makes this city so unique in the whole world. Here, you’ll find many budget restaurants that serve dishes ranging from traditional Middle Eastern dishes such as shawarma & falafel to vegan and trendy street food.



Pasta Basta in Machaneh Yehudah Market

Top Budget Eateries in Jerusalem - Pasta Basta Serves Simple Italian Pasta

Pasta Basta is definitely on the list for the cheap places to eat in Jerusalem which serves simple Italian dishes like pasta and macaroni dishes. Also, they are quite famous for their ravioli which is topped with many flavorful toppings and it is served vey quick. Their prices are very cheap in comparison to other Italian restaurants. The overall atmosphere is great here and the food is entirely kosher with some limited vegan options also available here. You can find Pasta Basta around the Shuk Machane Yehuda area. It is good to know that Pasta Basta serves vegan and vegetarian food options as well.


Hasabichiya located in Downtown Triangle

Top Budget Eateries in Jerusalem - Hasabichiya is A Local Israeli Sandwich Shop

Hasabichiya is a local Israeli sandwich shop that you can find it at Shamai Street in the Downtown Triangle zone. Many argue that this shop is among the best cheap places to eat in Jerusalem if you want a hearty local sandwich known as Sabiche. This small and humble restaurant serves Sabiche sandwiches with pita bread that you can choose your topping as well. If you wonder what Sabiche is, it is a loaded sandwhich made out of pita bread as its base and filled with friend eggplants, hummus, fresh veggies, a hard boiled egg. These sandwiches are very delicious, filling and cost reasonably cheap.


Ben-Sira Hummus close to Nahalat Shiv’a Neighborhood

Top Budget Eateries in Jerusalem - Ben-Sira Hummus Sells Really Good Hummus

Israelis do take their hummus seriously and there are many restaurants that swear on its flavor. When you taste the genuine hummus at a restaurant like Ben Sira, you’ll come to realization why this dish is so popular in the region. Here, you can have your hummus with spiced ground beef, falafel, pita bread as well as Israeli salads. Also, for drinks, you can have cold lemonade or a beer and the restaurant’s black coffee is famous too. The location of Ben-Sira Hummus is at Ben Sira Street in Nahalat Shiv’a neighborhood accessible via Mamila/Agron bus stop.


Hamarakia near City Hall Rail Station

Cheap Places to Eat in Jerusalem - Hamarakia Soup Shop is Located near City Hall Rail Station

There is something about Israeli soups because they might look simple at first but with every spoon full you will appreciate the effort that has been put into making such delicious comfort food. Hamarakia is the best place to enjoy quality home-made soups made with love and using good ingredients. This is a small, humble shop which is a favorite place who want to have a bowl of healthy and vegan soups during day time in a cozy and friendly environment. You can find Hamarakia soup shop on Koresh Street very close to City Hall Light Rail Station.


Pepito’s located near The Mahane Yehuda Market

Pepito's is Located near The Mahane Yehuda Market Selling Mexican Food - Cheap Places to Eat in Jerusalem

Pepito’s still is considered one of best cheap places to eat in Jerusalem if you crave some Latin American food. Similar to many eateries across this city, this restaurant also offers vegan and vegetarian options to all at affordable prices and still full of flavors. Head to Agripas Street near the  Mahane Yehuda Market to find Pepito’s for some incredible Mexican food wrapped in a bun and prepared with love.


Jachnun Bar near The Machaneh Yehudah Market

Cheap Places to Eat in Jerusalem - Jachnun Bar is Found near The Machaneh Yehudah Market

Near the Machaneh Yehudah Market, Jachnun Bar is the place to go if you want delicious cheap places to eat in Jerusalem which include Malawach, wraps and specialty salad bowls. The store is run by young food lovers and it is shown in the way they prepare the food right in front of you in their small yet lovely corner shop.

If you specifically only want to try Middle Eastern food, the you should explore at least one of these stores selling some of the best falafel in Jerusalem. These restaurant mainly sell hummus and delicious falafel that you cannot get anywhere else in the world.

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