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Top Cafés In Beirut



Top Cafés In Beirut

Best Cafes In Beirut

There are a few coffee shops in Beirut, and the turmoil has not helped these institutions. However, this article explores some of the top cafes in Beirut that you can visit safely and enjoy some quality coffee and local pastries. Beirut has a unique coffee culture, and as a result, you will be able to get your coffee here easily. Also, you will see a lot of coffee places all over the city. Here are the top cafes you can visit for a nice cup of coffee.



Ginette A Cafe Restaurant in The City Center

Top Cafés In Beirut - Ginnette Has A Wide Range of Desserts And Sandwiches

Ginnette is one of the main cafes in Beirut where you can sit down and enjoy quality coffee in this city. Here, you can get artisan coffee and many unique flavors you can not get elsewhere. The ground floor and terrace in this cafe serve seasonal salads, a wide range of desserts, and sandwiches.


Urbanista a Place to Work with Your Laptop

Coffee Shops In Beirut - Urbanista is Located at Gemmayzeh Neighborhood

You can find this cafe in the Gemmayzeh neighborhood. This coffee shop represents the beauty of Beirut’s modern and urban characteristics. Also, you can order breakfast, salads, desserts, and a wide range of drinks here. You can also work with your laptop here.


Cafe Younes Located in Al Hamra Neighborhood

Top Cafes In Beirut - Cafe Younes is in Operation Since 1935 With Three Branches

Cafe Younes is one of the best cafes in Beirut. This company currently has three coffee shops in Beirut, all serving delicious coffee and pastries to locals and travelers. In fact, Cafe Younes is very old and has been in operation since 1935, serving artisan coffee to coffee lovers. It is good to know that this coffee house roasts its beans, and you can get freshly roasted coffee almost daily.

After exploring coffee shops in Beirut, if you are heading out in the evening in this city, it is worth checking out the top bars in Beirut. This city’s nightlife scene is very welcoming, and you will enjoy having a few drinks in these hospitable bars scattered throughout the city.

Coffee Shops in Beirut Downtown

There are good quality coffee shops in Beirut down where the vibe is just right, and the coffee quality is on point. These are the cafes where you can enjoy a coffee or two or just want to relax while doing your work there.


Afif Cafe close to Downtown Beirut

Afif cafe

Located in downtown Beirut, Afif Cafe is a great place to relax in a beautiful area while having great coffee at good prices. Also, if you are looking to smoke some shisha here, you can do so on the outside.


SIP located in The Center of Gemmayze


Another one of the great cafes in Beirut is SIP, which is located in the center of Gemmayze. This is a great spot for having breakfast and some quality coffee. Also, if you plan to get some work done, this place is probably a good one, as there are indoor and outdoor places that are also laptop-friendly.


Bn Coffee Bar on Street of Gemmayze

Bn Coffee Bar

Found near the famous street of Gemmayze, Bn Coffee Bar is one of the coffee shops in Beirut that offers specialty coffee at affordable prices. In fact, you can choose the coffee beans sourced from many parts of the globe and ask them to mix this roast right in the shop for you. This cafe is not very big, but the coffee really wants you to visit over and over again.


Kohi Coffee Company close to Sanayeh Park

Kohi Coffee Company

If you are looking for quality coffee beans or just want to buy a bag of green tea matcha, Kohi Coffee Company is the place to go. It is one of the best coffee shops in Beirut downtown, where you can order great coffee from skilled baristas in a vibrant environment. The interior is very roomy, with a few nice couches while maintaining fair prices, and the staff is nice and friendly. You can find Kohi Coffee Company at May Ziadeh, which is near Sanayeh Park.

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