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Best of Buffalo Cafes



Best of Buffalo Cafes

Top Buffalo Cafes and Coffee Shops

There are many interesting Buffalo Cafes and coffee houses that attract the attention of coffee enthusiasts. While the sights in New York City may be better than the ones in Buffalo, that does not mean you should skip a trip to Buffalo. This great city has the culture, food, history, architecture and art to make it a destination worth planning a trip around, all at a fraction of the price and without the endless queues.

Also, Buffalo is a city with a lot of character, heart and culture, and there are many ways to experience it. Through museums, restaurants, galleries, festivals, and simply walking the streets, it exposes you to the outdoors that make Buffalo one of the greatest cities  in the US .

With a mix of cultures and ethnicities, each neighborhood creates a cultural envelope, from food to festivals and events, making Buffalo boroughs the most diverse places in the city.

The city is known for its delicious food. With a rich history filled with immigrants from all over the world, the food scene is just what you would expect. In fact, Buffalo is full of Irish, Polish and Italian immigrants with deliciousness that shapes the character of the city.



EM Tea Coffee Cup Cafe on Oakgrove Avenue

Top Buffalo Cafes and Coffee Shops - EM Tea Coffee Cup Cafe Located on Oakgrove Avenue

EM Tea Coffee Cup Cafe is one of the top neighborhood Buffalo cafes which is also popular with many locals. That is because they have a large breakfast menu at very reasonable prices. Some of the breakfast items include omelets, pancakes and sausage and egg sandwiches. Other that some great coffee, you can order reasonably delicious lunch meals like chicken and steak hoagie, fish whopper, soup and turkey clubs. The current location of EM Tea Coffee Cup Cafe is at 80 Oakgrove Avenue.


Kornerstone Cafe & Juice Bar in Larkin Center of Commerce

Kornerstone Cafe & Juice Bar is Located on the 1st Floor of Larkin Center of Commerce

Kornerstone Cafe & Juice Bar Larkin is one of handful of family-owned Buffalo cafes which used to attend nearby farmers markets in Kenmore starting in 2010. After many years of offering great quality coffee, fresh juices and natural foods to the community, in December 2016, they decided to continue their coffee business from a brick & mortar café in 33 Elm Street and since then, they have been a constant local favorite.

What you can get here include vegan dishes, salads, sandwiches, breakfast deals, bowls as well as various drinks like coffee, smoothies and juices. The atmosphere here is very great though their menu items are slightly expensive. The Kornerstone Cafe & Juice Bar location is at 701 Seneca Street on the 1st floor of Larkin Center of Commerce.


Jake’s Café in the New Westin Area

Jake's Café in the New Westin Area Good For a Quick And Delicious Breakfast

If you want a quick yet delicious breakfast, then you should go to Jake’s Cafe. In fact, this joint is one of best Buffalo cafes for having breakfast sandwiches filled with eggs, as well as bagels and some freshly baked pancakes. The lunch menu is good too for a quick bite.. The kitchen here is open and you can see cooks make grill sandwiches and burgers with sides of fresh juices and premium coffee. You can find Jake’s Cafe at 250 Delaware Avenue in the new Westin area; accessible by public bus numbers 11 and 25.



Caffe Aroma on the Corner of Bidwell

Caffe Aroma is A Great European-Style Coffee Shop - Top Buffalo Cafes and Coffee Shops

Caffe aroma is one of great European-style Buffalo cafes, located on the corner of Bidwell and Elmwood Avenue intersection. They are famous for their breakfast sandwiches like panini and bacon and ham ones. Also, the atmosphere is very peaceful yet very vibrant and you can see many people come by here at late evening hours. In addition, there is a patio here too that is prefect for outdoor sitting during summer season.

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