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Top Eateries in Boston’s Chinatown



Top Eatceries in Boston's Chinatown

Asian Restaurants in Chinatown Boston

Chinatown in Boston is located in the center of downtown. This article explores Asian restaurants in Chinatown Boston, offering great dishes that cost relatively cheap. This location is a food-lover destination with many fantastic restaurants. In fact, many people just want to come here to shop for Asian specialty groceries and ingredients that are either solely found here or cheaper than central supermarkets.

No matter your purpose in town, this place is a must-visit for getting cheap quality food in Boston. Most of the dishes served here are Chinese but you can find Korean, Japanese, Vietnamese, and other Southeast Asian cuisines there if you walk around the neighborhood. Therefore, here are the top places for you to eat and explore in this Chinatown.



Gourmet Dumpling House

Top Eateries in Boston's Chinatown - Gourmet Dumpling House Offers Xiao Long Bao

When searching for the right restaurants in Chinatown Boston, Gourmet Dumpling House is the first place you must go. You need to order Xiao Long Bao or juicy dumplings in this place. The menu has many more options, too, like spicy Szechuan fish soup as well as scallion pancakes. This place is famous and, as a result, gets really crowded. Therefore, be prepared to wait in line to get your dumplings.

Update: This shop is no longer open.


Wai Wai Chinese Restaurant on Oxford Street

Chinatown Boston - Wai Wai is Located in A Basement on The Oxford Street

You can find Wai Wai in a basement on Oxford Street. This shop is both an ice cream shop and a roast meat chicken. Some of the main dishes here that customers come daily to try are roasted duck and their simply delicious BBQ pork and rice dish. The BBQ pork is properly seasoned and is priced just right if you want something budget-friendly to have while in Chinatown. The interior isn’t modern, but the food is really good. Therefore, the to-go dish here is any kind of roast meat. Also, try some ginger ice cream for dessert.


New Dong Khanh

Chinatown Boston - New Dong Khanh is A Cash Only Place And Has Many Vietnamese Dishes

The menu in New Dong Khanh has many Vietnamese dishes. Also, they are famous for their smoothies as well as bubble tea. This place is cash only, so make sure you have enough cash with you here.

Update: This shop is no longer open


Shojo for Korean Comfort Food located on Tyler Street

Budget Food USA - Shojo Provides Healthy Food Like Kimchi Fried Rice And Ramen

Shojo is one of the eateries in Boston’s Chinatown, offering very healthy food. It is an urban and trendy place in Chinatown with a small menu and many flavors. The famous dishes here are kimchi fried rice, ramen, as well as duck-fat fries. Also, try their sweet cocktail called agogo, which is really delicious. The portions are good for their chicken and waffles, but their soups might seem small at first, but they are still heavy and can fill you up easily, especially with some rice on the side.


Clay Pot Cafe near The Chinatown Gate

Budget Food USA - Clay Pot Cafe Offers Steaming Clay Pot Rice With Many Toppings

Clay Pot Cafe, among the Asian restaurants in Chinatown Boston, is a cash-only restaurant that offers many options, from noodles to meat dishes. However, this place is famous for its steaming clay pot rice with Chinese sausage and chicken drumstick. The smoky flavor of the rice, as well as many available toppings, will surely keep you coming back.


Phở Pasteur Vietnamese Restaurant

Phở Pasteur is a Vietnamese Restaurant With Affordable Prices and Nice Pho Dishes

Phở Pasteur is another one of the handful of Vietnamese restaurants in Chinatown Boston, which serves basic Vietnamese cuisine at very affordable prices and uses simple ingredients. That is why most of the time, you might feel like you are eating from Hanoi street vendors but in the USA. Therefore, expect some strong smells, especially from their chicken soups and their Pho bowls, but in a good way.

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