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Top Restaurants in Chestermere Canada



Top Restaurants in Chestermere Canada

Top Restaurants in Chestermere Canada

As part of Calgary municipality, restaurants in Chestermere serve as a stop or refreshers for commuters to or from Calgary as well as Rocky View County. Chestermere is part of Alberta Province in Canada and it is mostly known by the central lake here, famous as Chestermere Lake. In fact, the city name accompanied by the lake which later the lake extension dropped.


Pho Lan Restaurant

Pho Lan Restaurant is Located 402 Merganser Dr W Road Near Lakeside Golf Club - Top Restaurants in Chestermere Canada

Pho Lan is one of currently two Vietnamese restaurants in Chestermere along with Van Son eatery. This  is a family run business where members of the family help out in the kitchen and keeping the place clean. They have nice soups, spring rolls and their broth is always clear accompanied with fresh ingredients. You can get here using 402 Merganser Dr W road which is also adjacent to Lakeside Golf Club.


Jessica Restaurant

Jessica Restaurant is A Chinese Eatery in Calgary - Travel Guide Canada

Jessica Restaurant is a Chinese eatery which is located very close to Pho Lan Vietnamese restaurant. Their menu incudes local favorites such as pineapple chicken, fried rice, ginger beef and thin noodles. Other than single meal option you can opt in group deals if you go in with a large family. This way you can eat more while paying for less. In terms of prices, there is not much difference between here and other Chinese restaurants in Calgary.



Harvey's is Found in Chestermere Station Way - Top Restaurants in Chestermere Canada

Harvey’s is one franchised restaurants in Chestermere that have branches in other Canadian cities and its famous amongst Canadians. This food here is all western like burgers, buffalo wing and fries however they are properly and carefully made The service is very friendly. Also, there is a drive-through here if you want to dine outside. You can drive to Chestermere Station Way for dine-in or using drive through option of Harvey’s.


Plaka Greek Taverna

Travel Guide Canada - Plaka Greek Taverna is in Mavrikos Commercial, Opposite New Apostolic Church

Plaka Greek Taverna is a Greek restaurant serving somewhat authentic Mediterranean dishes. Located in Mavrikos Commercial district, opposite New Apostolic Church building, is where you can find Plaka Greek Taverna. For those who want healthier food choices as well as vegetarian and gluten-free options,  Plaka has many to offer. Also, their prices are very balanced and the portions are big enough for a good meal during the ay.


Dockside Bar & Grill

Top Restaurants in Chestermere Canada - Dockside Bar & Grill Has the Best View of the Chestermere Lake

Dockside Bar & Grill has one of the best view of the Chestermere Lake if you compare it with other restaurants in Chestermere. The menu here is extensive extensive and you can order breakfast, appetizers, pizzas, burgers, pastas and even soups & salads. Surprisingly, the prices are very affordable and you can even have gluten-free options if you diet suggests it. If you want to hang out by the lake and have a drink, make sure to give this restaurant a try.

If you are in Alberta province and traveling to other states, it is worth traveling to Brooks city as well along the way. The city might not be very exciting, however, restaurants in Brooks City can offer good food and refreshments to those who are traveling using Highway 1.

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