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Top Restaurants in Trenton



Top Restaurants in Trenton

Top Restaurants in Trenton

Trenton is a community in Ontario Province that because of its port attracts some visitors. There are a few good restaurants in Trenton for those who want to dine in while coming across this area. The harbor in Trenton as well as National Air Force Museum are good places to visit here too.


Tomasso’s Italian Grille

Top Restaurants in Trenton - Tomasso's Italian Grille Offers Great Italian Dishes

Tomasso’s Italian Grille is one of restaurants in Trenton that offers great Italian dishes. Their main dishes here are pizza, pasta, lasagna as well as chicken parmigiana. Also, thy have a group dining menu that offers great value meals if you are going there with family or friends. The location of Tomasso’s Italian Grille is at Front St with a good view of Trent River.


Dapp’s Restaurant

Top Restaurants in Trenton - Dapp's Restaurant Has Light Meals And Fantastic Breakfast

Dapp’s Restaurant is a family run business that is quite famous for their steak and eggs meal. The breakfast menu here is one of the best amongst restaurants in Trenton with great American offerings. Also their full breakfast costs you around $11. Head to Dundas St E for some light meals and fantastic breakfast at Dapp’s Restaurant.


The Golden Valley Restaurant

Ontario Food Guide - The Golden Valley Restaurant Provides Lasagna As Well As BBQ Ribs

The Golden Valley Restaurant is where you go for some home-made Italian fusion dishes. They offer great pizzas, steaks, pasta, Italian sandwiches, Lasagna as well as BBQ ribs. The prices here are budget friendly the food is cooked to order. The location is at 499 Dundas St W which afterwards you can heat to Hanna Park nearby.


Thai Sushi

Ontario Food Guide - Thai Sushi is Located At Front St Offering Thai and Japanese Dishes

Thai Sushi is currently one of two sushi shops in this city. This restaurant has Thai and Japanese dishes in a welcoming and not fancy environment. You can get a lot of sushi rolls for less than $10 dollars. Overall, this place is good if you want to go either alone or friends for some Thai and Japanese infused food. The location of Thai Sushi is at Front St on the junction of Dundas street facing the Trent River.


Golden Chicken & Ribs

Top Restaurants in Trenton - Golden Chicken & Ribs is Good Place For Some Fried Chicken

Golden Chicken & Ribs is one of best restaurants in Trenton for some fried chicken. The quality of the chicken and Poutine is exceptionally good and you will not be disappointed. Head to 210 Front St to grab yourself some delicious fried chicken sandwich with reasonable pricing.

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