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Best Places to Get Cheap Food in Hobart



Best Places to Get Cheap Food in Hobart

Best Budget Food in Hobart

The scene of amazing food in Hobart is making a mark because of local produce. You don’t need to look hard to find the great-tasting restaurants Hobart has to offer; however, finding the budget-friendly ones is a bit tricky. Here are a few cheap places you can get your budget-friendly yet delicious food in Hobart.



The Standard an American Restaurant

Best Places to Get Cheap Food in Hobart - The Standard Sells American-style Burgers

The Standard offers American-style food in Hobart, like burgers in its simplest and tastiest form. Their burgers are seriously tasty, and their fries are just on point. They also have veggie and chicken burgers at affordable prices. Head to 177 Liverpool Street to find The Standard Burger shop.


The Soup Stop Vegetarian Restaurant

Best Places to Get Cheap Food in Hobar - The Soup Stop is An Indian Restaurant

This is one of the best places for Indian flavor food. The food here, especially their paratha, tastes very delicious. Moreover, this restaurant is a vegetarian one, so expect no food menu here. The staff, as well as the chef, are there to help you choose the best food for you.

*Update: The Soup Stop is not currently open.


Liv-eat Fresh Eating (Sandy Bay) for Healthy Foods

Best Places to Get Cheap Food in Hobar - Liv-eat Fresh Eating is Located in Sandy Bay

The shop has a variety of fresh and healthy food options like salads and soup. Expect everything to be health conscious, but they don’t compromise the flavor. In fact, if you are vegan or vegetarian, there is almost no other place that has more delicious options at good prices than Liv-eat Fresh Eating. They currently operate from 118 Liverpool Street and 149 B Collins Street locations in Hobart.


Pot Sticker Dumpling House in Backpackers Imperial Hotel

Best Places to Get Cheap Food in Hobart - Pot Sticker Dumpling House Offers Delicious Wontons

This shop’s specialty is delicious dumplings and wontons. Some of the other Pot Sticker Dumpling House menu options include pan-fried pork dumplings, chicken laksa, Spicy beef noodle soup, as well as their steamed buns. If you want, you can ask for their vegetarian and gluten-free options available as well. Pot Sticker Dumpling House is located in Backpackers Imperial Hotel at 3/138 Collins Street near Franklin Square and Zero Davey Cafe. Interestingly, they have another branch in the Moonah suburb with the same offerings.


Zero Davey Cafe near Hobart Cenotaph memorial Park

Australia Travel Tips - Zero Davey Cafe is Suitable For Residents in Zero Davey Apartments

Zero Davey Cafe is a nice neighborhood eatery that opened in 2011 to offer quality Hobart food to the local community. This place is suitable for residents of Zero Davey apartments as well as its neighbors. The operating time for this café is just for breakfast and lunch, with amazingly good deals at both times. It serves light meals like sandwiches as well as coffee and soft drinks.

Also, the portions here are large, and the taste is satisfactory. There are some quality local wines sourced from Riversdale Estate as well to go together with your meal here. If you are coming from outside Zero Davey apartments, Zero Davey Cafe is located at 15 Hunter Street near Hobart Cenotaph Memorial Park and Victoria Dock.

Sawak Cafe near Franklin Square

Australia Travel Tips - Sawak Cafe is A Malaysian Restaurant Selling Char Kway Teow

This shop is serving some of the best Malaysian food in Hobart. This restaurant provides street food as well as stir-fried rice & noodles. Other Sawak Cafe menu items include their famous dishes like nasi lemak, mi goreng, chicken curry, fish curry, nasi goreng, as well as char kway teow. Obviously, if you have previously traveled to Malaysia, you might find the portions slightly smaller, but they are still great value for money as the flavors are still there. You can find Sawak Cafe at 131 Collins Street near Franklin Square.

Try visiting one of the top 5 bars in Hobart after you had your meal. These bars and pubs offer local draft beer as well as nice Australian wines that are not very costly.

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