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Best Restaurants in Ballarat



Best Restaurants in Ballarat

Family Restaurants in Ballarat

Because of availability of great quality restaurants in Ballarat many immigrants and travelers like top settle here and contribute to Ballarat food. This city, which is located in the state of Victoria and 105 kilometers northwest of Melbourne, is the 20th most populated city in Australia. The good thing about this city is that it has peaceful people, has nicknames such as the city of gold and the Athens of Australia among other Australian cities. Despite its small population, this city has a special place in the history and economy of Australia.


Saigon Noodle House Vietnamese Restaurant

Saigon Noodle House is a Vietnamese Restaurant Offering South East Asian Cuisine

Saigon Noodle House is one of prominent Vietnamese restaurants in Ballarat that provides great South East Asian cuisine using fresh ingredients. The Saigon Noodle House menu include stir-fried rice and noodles, sweet and sour dishes, clay pot dishes, laksas, vegetarian offerings as well as steamed and deep fried seafood. The serving portions are very adequate and the value for money is really good too. With their quick service it is one of best Ballarat food spots for some delicious Vietnamese cuisine. The Saigon Noodle House location is at 10A North Armstrong Street between the Mainland and Sturt Streets. Bus numbers 11, 22, 24, 25 and 26 are the best ones to take you there.


Masala Valley Indian Restaurant at Golden Point

Masala Valley Indian Restaurant is Located in Golden Point - Family Restaurants in Ballarat

For exclusive Indian dishes in Golden point area, you should try one of the best Indian & family restaurants in Ballarat which would be Masala Valley eatery. This Masala Valley restaurant has an extensive menu including chicken vindaloo, samosa, tandoori chicken, chicken tikkas and various Biryanis. The prices here are quite fair and there are even discounts on certain meals on a daily basis. You can find Masala Valley Indian Restaurant at 429 Main Road near Lake Esmond Botanical Garden and Sovereign Hill Parks. Bus number 21 travels there and has a stop nearby.


The Pancake Kitchen Breakfast Restaurant

Best Restaurants in Ballarat - The Pancake Kitchen is a Good Breakfast Restaurant

There is no question that one of the best breakfast restaurants in Ballarat is The Pancake Kitchen. This is because they have been in business since 1978 and many generations have dined there at some time in their lives. The Pancake Kitchen menu contains sweet & savory offerings, pancake stacks, ice creams and sweets. As to keep a long held tradition alive, they still have the simple strawberries and maple syrup pancake available for purchase.

The prices seem to be above average here but if you are a student you can eat at cheaper prices without compromising quality. The Pancake Kitchen location is at 2 South Grenville Street in the center of the city and between Old Post Office and Little Bridge Street bus stop depending on your route.


Hamburger Cart in The Central Area

Hamburger Cart Found in The Central Area Serving Cheap Burgers and Hot Dogs

If you want one of cheaper hamburger restaurants in Ballarat, then head to Hamburger Cart in the Central area at 2 Little Channel Street. Other than cheap burgers, you can get hot dogs, chips, rolls, dim sims, and even donuts. This is a great place for breakfast too as they operate very early in the morning and you have multiple quick favorable options to indulge in there.


Burger Brothers Ballarat for Burgers & American Food

Ballarat Food Guide - Burger Brothers Ballarat Best for Burgers & American Food

Another more burger & Americana restaurants in Ballarat is the Burger Brothers with great overall atmosphere and very friendly staff. The Burger Brothers menu is mostly gourmet burgers, fish & chips, roasted and fried chicken, desserts, toasts, ice creams and simple salads. There are gluten-free and organic food choices here which are also popular among regulars. Also, you can order alcoholic drinks to go along with your food. The current location of Burger Brothers is at 1219b Howitt Street near Wendouree train station and Ballarat Botanical Gardens.


Local Takeout for Tasty Ballarat Food

There are various take out places to get yourself some delicious Ballarat food including Asian and even middle eastern. You can find them mostly at Central part of this great city. Also, check of some of Ballarat cafes which are perfect places for for coffee lovers and good to head to after your meal. They are generally priced cheaply and are in good and accessible locations throughout the city.


Jasmine Thai Restaurant Best for Dinner Time

Jasmine Thai Restaurant is Best for Dinner Time and Thai Cuisine - Ballarat Food Guide

For ordering some Thai takeout Ballarat food, especially for dinner, Jasmine Thai Restaurant is definitely a good option. That is because this restaurant operates from 5pm to 9pm which makes it only good for dinner time. The food quality is good here though prices are slightly higher than average. The Jasmine Thai Restaurant menu includes various specials, many rice dishes, soups, noodles and famous Thai curries together with many vegetarian and vegan options available too.

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