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Top Restaurants in Launceston



Top Restaurants in Launceston

Best Restaurants in Launceston

Some of the best restaurants in Launceston are located near by River area. Also, restaurants in Launceston are amongst a myriad of dining places to satisfy all taste buds & desires together with cafés, coffee shops, takeaway venues and so much more to do here.


Dynasty Chinese Restaurant on Canning Street

Top Restaurants in Launceston - Dynasty Chinese Restaurant Offers Cantonese & Regional Chinese Dishes

Dynasty Chinese Restaurant is one of best restaurants in Launceston for having Cantonese and regional Chinese dishes. These dishes come with some modern twists, however, the chefs here use Tasmanian local produce which are all fresh. When you enter here the ba-gua windows and the vibrant décor is will definitely catch your attention. The menu here consist of tens of Chinese meals which you can order both in-house an have them delivered to your home. You can find Dynasty Chinese Restaurant near Brickfield Park on the intersection of Canning St & Bathurst St.


Stillwater Restaurant for High-End Fusion Food

Stillwater Restaurant Serves Food From A Restored Flour Mill Building - Top Restaurants in Launceston

Located on the banks of the Tamar River, you can come across the Stillwater Restaurant. This is an award winning restaurant serving high-end fusion food from a restored flour mill building. Similar to other good restaurants here, they use locally sourced ingredients at Stillwater Restaurant which guarantees freshness at all times. They have service for breakfast, lunch and dinner, however it is advised to book in advance for evening meals. Also, they have a especial menu just for settings with larger groups.


Black Cow Bistro close to North Esk River

Black Cow Bistro is on George St Very Close to North Esk River - Top Restaurants in Launceston

Black Cow Bistro is another one of fine dining restaurants in Launceston serving top quality steaks and beef dishes. This shop opened in 2008 and since has been serving premium dry aged, free range, grass fed, horomone-free Tasmanian Wagyu beef and fillet. Other than great steaks, they also have a nice range of carefully selected red wines to go along with your meals. Head to George St very close to North Esk River to find Black Cow Bistro.


Jailhouse Grill for Juicy Steaks

Jailhouse Grill is on Wellington Street Near Royal Park & Prince's Square - Tasmania Travel Tips

Jailhouse Grill as one of the best Launceston restaurants for reasonably priced steaks, oysters and burgers is located on Wellington Street near Royal Park & Prince’s Square. The building which this restaurant operates from is part of history and is registered with Tasmanian Heritage Council. As for cooking their Australian Beef, they use charcoal fire grills to cook their meat to perfection. The Mallee tree charcoal used here creates a unique smoky and caramelized flavor to their juicy steaks and beef patties. Also, if you go as a group of up to 12 people, they have separate menu where you can choose from 13 starters, 14 main dishes and 5 desserts.


Kosaten Launceston Japanese Restaurant

Tasmania Travel Tips - Kosaten is on The Corner of Charles St & Balfour St Square

Amongst sushi restaurants in Launceston, Kosaten is one of the most budget friendly ones with an extensive menu. The staff here are very welcoming and charming and the décor is just minimal yet very classy. Their menu consist of nigiri and sushi rolls which famous ones are aburi crab, aburi salmon, salmon sashimi, spicy tuna roll and beef with asparagus. As for takeaway deals, you can choose from Bento Boxes or Sushi Packs which are both quite filling and are relatively cheap while very delicious. You can find Kosaten Launceston on the corner of Charles St & Balfour St Square.


Hallam’s Waterfront Outside Kings Park Station

Hallam's Waterfront Established in 1996 by Hallam's Family - Tasmania Travel Tips

Hallam’s Waterfront has the most beautiful view and it is among the best Launceston restaurants for seafood dishes. This restaurant established in 1996 by Hallam’s family and later in 2019, Norton Hospitality Group bought this seafood restaurant and retained the original building to honor the family’s work. Other than seafood, you can still get some meat based meals in their 5 course, 7 course dinner menu offerings. This is the place you go for both the view of Tamar River and the experience of being served amazingly delicious meals by the head chef. There is a carpark very close to here and you can get there by public buses 150, 151 & 152 and get off at Paterson St Outside Kings Park station.


Star of Siam Thai Restaurant

Best Restaurants Launceston in Tasmania - Star of Siam Serves Great Thai Food

When it comes to Thai food, there are only a handful of cuisines which can compete in terms of flavors. To have some of that Thai food you should to Star of Siam which is one of the restaurants in Launceston in that category. Also, if you are on a vegetarian diet here is the most suitable place for you. The only thing you need to pay attention to is that you need to inform them prior if you have any kind of peanut allergy. You can find Star f Siam restaurant on 63 Paterson Street nest to the Dechaineux Way.

Also, if you want try other budget places in Tasmania, then head to Hobart. In fact, Hobart is another coast city where you can get great view and delicious seafood for very reasonable prices. To find where to get delicious eats on the cheap, check out the cheap food in Hobart info page.


La Cantina Restaurant in Yorktown Square Mall

La Cantina Restaurant Offers Authentic Italian Pizzas - Best Restaurants Launceston in Tasmania

La Cantina Restaurant is one of the best restaurants in Launceston for home-made Italian food which has been serving locals for decades. You can enjoy authentic Italian pizzas, seafood, home-made pastas and desserts in La Cantina. Also, they have gluten free and vegetarian options which you need to ask them to prepare them for you separately. All of their prices are reasonable and you can even order some wines on the side with just a bit extra money. The location of is at Yorktown Square which you can access by getting off at “Stop 1, No.57-59 Brisbane St” by taking public bus numbers 130, 131 & 140. Also, if you are using your own car, you can park in the nearby Paterson Street East Car Park.

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