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Visiting Canberra Cafes for Delicious Coffee



Visiting Canberra Cafes for Delicious Coffee

Best of Canberra Cafes

Canberra cafes are suitable for coffee lovers visiting the capital of Australia. The best cafes in Canberra are located near the nature reserves giving them a very pleasant view. At the same time, you enjoy your dessert, light breakfast, and your top-notch coffees. This city has a strong coffee culture, and you will see many locals visit cafes on a regular basis.


Pollen in Australian National Botanic Gardens

Pollen is Located in the Australian National Botanic Gardens - Visiting Canberra Cafes for Delicious Coffee

Pollen is one of the more beautiful Canberra cafes, which you should definitely visit. A well-known artist designs the interior of Pollen café and feels warm and welcoming, like stepping inside a cozy home. Because Pollen is in the Australian National Botanic Gardens, it features lush gardens surrounded by a diverse collection of flowers together with beautiful sunlight rays. Other than coffee, you will get to enjoy items from their all-day breakfast menu, local wine and beer, as well as fresh fruit beverages. The food here is very tasty, and you have a selection of waffles, egg benedicts, pulled pork tacos, salads, fish & chips, and even burgers.

To get there, there is no bus stop close to the Botanic Gardens; however, you can still take any bus, like numbers 2 to 4, 32, or 843. After that, you need to get off at the “ANU Barry Dr” bus stop on Barry Dr road. Then, take the “Clunies Ross Street” until you reach the park. The journey takes about 20 minutes of walking.


Cafe Stepping Stone Canberra on Gullifer Street

Cafe Stepping Stone Canberra is Located Inside Strathnairn Arts Association Complex - Visiting Canberra Cafes for Delicious Coffee

Cafe Stepping Stone Canberra is a vegetarian café, and migrant and refugee women run the operation. It is inside the Strathnairn Arts Association complex. Similar to Pollen, Cafe Stepping Stone has a beautiful view of lush greenery outside, which would be perfect on a sunny day. It is good to know that this café also has a mobile coffee van which is mostly available nearby Ginniderry’s GX Display Village. It is one of the best cafes in Canberra to just relax and enjoy the view outside while sipping delicious coffee.

The most suitable bus to take here is bus number 903. Then, you should get off at “Pro Hart Avenue” stop near Stockdill Dr road. After taking Stockdill Dr. Road, take a turn to “Yoornie Way.” Continue this path to reach “Gullifer Street,” then take a left turn and keep walking until you reach this café.

Patissez Cafe in Manuka Shopping Precinct

Patissez Cafe is Found in the Manuka Shopping Precinct - Travel Guide Australia

You can find Patissez Cafe in the Manuka Shopping precinct in the center of Manuka. As one of the better Canberra cafes, this café offers more than just coffee and pastries. You need to try their famous tacos, milkshakes, and egg benedicts. Patissez Cafes are always packed with customers indicating their good food, amazing service, and reasonable prices. As a result, it is best to reserve a table beforehand if you want to visit them on the weekends. Bus number 830 stops in front of this shopping district on Franklin Street.


ONA Coffee House Cafe in Fyshwick

Travel Guide Australia - ONA Coffee House Cafe Has Visually Appeasing Interior Design

ONA Coffee House Cafe is the only Canberra cafes to be in if you want to have delicious cakes with your coffee. With their quiet environment, visually appealing interior design, and locally roasted coffees, you are guaranteed to enjoy your drink there. Also, there is a variety of options for those who are either vegetarian or gluten intolerant in their breakfast and lunch menus. In addition, for those using public transport to get here, the closest bus stop is “86 Gladstone St”, where bus number 56 stops there. Then, take the pathway opposite the “Total Tools” shop to reach this café.


Breizh Cafe Located in Ainslie

Visiting Canberra Cafes for Delicious Coffee - Breizh Cafe Offers French Style Crêpes

For feeling some nostalgia for simpler days, try visiting this café. This is another one of the interesting Canberra cafes that feels very cozy, and their design is inspired by stone cottages of coastal Brittany, bringing a lot of culture to those dining here. The menu is simple, and it is one of the best cafes in Canberra for having French-style Crêpes, both sweet and savory, with different toppings. Also, their prices seem affordable to most. Breizh Cafe is on Edgar Street near Wakefield Gardens, which you can access using bus number 53 and stopping at Ainslie Shops O’Connell St bus stop.

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