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Health Tourism in Costa Rica



Health tourism in Costa Rica

Medical Tourism in Costa Rica

Costa Rica is a country famous for its tranquil landscape and irregular rain-forests and miles of coastline. Medical tourism in Costa Rica is becoming more and more popular health tourists. It has JCI accredited hospitals as well as many private clinics where medical tourism sector is growing at a rate of 15% to 20% annually since 2011.

The health sector of Costa Rica mainly offers specialized methods in cosmetic surgery, orthopedics, and gynecology as well as dentistry. Costa Rica’s health system is better equipped than the United States and costs about half the costs in the United States.


Medical Tourism From United States

Health Tourism in Costa Rica - Medical Tourism From United States

About 90 percent of their medical tourism in Costa Rica consist of American and Canadian. Other visitors are mostly from Spain and Brazil. Statistics from Costa Rican authorities show that the country has been a major destination for North American medical tourists in the past years. Therefore, millions of dollars will be injected into the Costa Rican economy each year as a result.

Individuals in the field of medical tourism believes that quality and cheap dental services are main driving forces here. Costa Rica’s success in the medical tourism makes it is a more interesting and reliable destination for North American tourists. Here is more accessible than other competitors such as Mexico, India or Hungary. Considering the overall points, Americans choose it as their first destination.


Tourism Economy for The Country

Health Tourism in Costa Rica - Tourism Economy

Some experts believe that some of Costa Rica‘s health services, such as neurological surgeries, may not be a significant attraction for medical tourists from other countries. However, simpler services such as dentistry, cosmetic surgery and health facilities could bring a boost to the country’s tourism economy.

In this regard, experts believe that the natural attractions of this region will a bonus point to this industry. These attraction will help to achieve broad economic incomes, especially in the medical and health tourism sector. Also, given the changing lifestyle of people in this country, this will be a massive achievement for medical tourism in Costa Rica.


Types of Medical Tourism

From dental treatment to plastic surgery, a wide range of medical procedures are offered in Costa Rica. The wide range of procedures in medical tourism in Costa Rica allow you to explore a beautiful country. Costa Rica draws people from all over the world to its tropical forest, stunning beaches, and soothing hot springs. It is also the place with the most biodiversity on the planet; during your stay you are likely to spot monkeys in the trees and herons in the estuaries.

Costa Ricans staff in these medical facilities are friendly and approachable. They always welcome visitors with a smile and are willing to show travelers their country. In addition to Costa Rica’s cultural and natural attractions, the country boasts world-class spas and facilities. These locations offer a comfortable environment in which to support you during your recovery period. Many have nursing services, all-inclusive meal plans, and massage parlors which are still cost incredibly low if you do not have insurance and want to pay the full costs.

The waiting time for a medical procedure in Costa Rica is minimal. Unlike countries like Canada, where you have to wait several months for surgery, in Costa Rica you can schedule surgery at your convenience. Physicians and assistants are flexible and in most cases adjust their schedules when attending a patient from abroad.

These natural attractions in Costa Rica offer a great retreat after your stay in the hospitals. You can rest there and visit the beautiful side of Latin America in a relatively affordable places.

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