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Best Cities Around the World If You Love Football



Best Cities Around the World If You Love Football

Biggest Football Cities in The World

Football fans are some of the most passionate individuals. In this article, you can explore the best football cities worldwide if you love football. Since almost every continent has a different fan culture, you can visit these cities to get to know them more. Football displays a nation’s passion for its culture and patriotism. It is truly the most popular sport worldwide. Football brings people together, and it shows you the true passion of each city’s true supporters. Here, you will find the world’s best cities to see a football match in them.



Mexico City with Good Football Clubs in Mexico

Best Cities Around the World If You Love Football - Mexico City Has 3 Large Football Clubs

There are many reasons to see Mexico City, and football is one of them. There are 3 large football clubs: Pumas, Club América and Cruz Azul, with 3 big stadiums, football trip. The stadium of Estadio Azteca is a monument to football also located here.


Dortmund in Germany Has Westfalenstadion Stadium

Best Cities Around the World If You Love Football - Dortmund Has Westfalenstadion Stadium

No matter your favorite team, you will still admire watching Dortmund play at home in the Westfalenstadion stadium. This stadium’s south stand is the biggest all-standing terrace in the world that holds more than 24 thousand supporters. They call this part of the stadium the “Yellow Wall.”


Milan Has Very Modest Stadiums in Italy

Adventure Travel - Milan And Internazionale Play in Famous San Siro Stadium

You will find AC Milan and Internazionale playing in this city. The most famous stadium here is San Siro Stadium. Also, watching the Derby della Madonna of these two teams here is a memorable footballing experience.


Istanbul City in Turkey

Adventure Travel - Istanbul Has 3 Large Football Clubs Playing in Fenerbahçe Stadium

Istanbul has 3 large clubs as well as truly passionate fans, and you will experience the raw football passion here. Fenerbahçe and Galatasaray are the 2 most successful clubs with the most intense rivalries in the country. Therefore, watching these 2 teams play against each other is a must-watch for true football fans.


São Paulo City for Carnivals and Football in Brazil

Best Cities Around the World If You Love Football - São Paulo is One of Exciting Cities in South America

São Paulo is not really a tourist location; however, it is one of the most exciting football cities in South America. There are 4 large clubs here: São Paulo, Palmeiras, Corinthians, and Santos. However, buying tickets for these matches is very difficult for tourists. Therefore, make sure to find a local to buy them for you.


Madrid with Modern Stadiums in Spain

Best Cities Around the World If You Love Football - Madrid is A Fantastic City to Watch Football

Madrid is a major among the fantastic football cities. There are 3 famous clubs here, namely Real Madrid and their neighbors Atlético and Rayo Vallecano. In recent years, Madrid has been rightly called the world’s football capital. Madrid loves football differently than any other city in the world. While passing through the streets of this city, you can see signs that remind you of La Liga from the past until the present.


Santiago For Passionate Fans in Chile

Best Cities Around the World If You Love Football - Santiago is Famous For its Football Fans

A journey to Santiago is a must for all football fans since it is home to an energetic football culture and some of the world’s most famous stadiums. The city of Santiago is located in the province of La Coruna in northwestern Spain. Also, its Old Town section has been included in the UNESCO World Heritage List. This makes it one of the great football cities for football fans and other tourists to visit.


Buenos Aires City in Argentina

Adventure Travel - Buenos Aires is The Best Football City on The Planet

Perhaps this is another one of the best football cities on the planet. The people here almost worship football as a deity. You visit stadiums here all weekend, and there are football matches happening at its many stadiums.

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