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Top 7 Jungles to Visit for Your Next Trip!



Top 7 Jungles to Visit for Your Next Trip!
Top 7 Jungles to Visit for Your Next Trip!

Top 7 Jungles to Visit for Your Next Trip! – Rainforests and Jungles are one of the main places roamed by travelers for centuries. They have a mystique feel to them. They inspire many writers to write novels, like Tarzan as well as Jungle Book. On your next journey you can experience these nature wonders all by yourself. Therefore, here is a few jungle bucket list you can visit on your next journey.



1. The Jungles of Kipling in India

The Jungles of Kipling in India

In India, Satpura National Park, has some unique looking hills. The landscape that surrounds it brings awe to the visitors inspiring them to describe its beauty to never for get about it. This jungle is the one written about in The Jungle Book. A small settlement such as Nayapura surrounds this rainforest, where villagers live in mud huts, colourful saris hanging from washing lines. Farmers normally work in rice fields as well as collecting the fruits of the forest to sell. When you visit there make sure to visit the protected tiger areas to take a closer look at this amazing animal.


2. Tarzan Jungle in Africa

Tarzan Jungle in Africa

These jungles of West Africa likely inspired Edgar Rice Burroughs to write the Tarzan story. However, today, some of the most available jungles on the African continent will be found in Rwanda & Uganda. Tourists can also visit the Gorilla treks to get up close to these incredible animal. For sure the memory of Tarzan will be a reality when you are there.


3. Unique Wildlife in Australia’s Christmas Island

Unique Wildlife in Australia's Christmas Island

If you have fear of spider and crawlers, you may want to really skip going to Christmas Island. There are many creatures crawling under these trees. This forest accommodates, among other creatures, forthy million Red Crabs and the giant Coconut Crab. near south of Indonesia, this Australian territory, is a popular destination for wildlife and nature admirers.


4. Cloud Forest of Monteverde in Costa Rica

Cloud Forest of Monteverde in Costa Rica

For good reasons, forests in Costa Rica memorizes many travelers all year round. This fantastic cloud forest, Monteverde is a place that you will remember for the rest of your life. And you can see it from a the sky tram over the forest.

moving towards the inner part of the jungle, you will truly appreciate the biodiversity of these rainforests which they are so dense together that they hardly get any sunlight. If you are lucky, you get the sun shining through the jungle. Make sure that the camera is ready. The sun breaks through the clouds creates beautiful patterns and arrays of light. Just be prepared to capture it. The lighting for your camera would an issue at times so make sure to bring relevant equipment.


5. Waipoua Forest in New Zealand

Waipoua Forest in New Zealand

Waipoua jungle is on the North Island of New Zealand and houses one of the earth’s oldest forests. If you want to see the old, crazily massive Kauri Trees, with their massive trunks then pack your bags. Also, while you are there, don’t miss the incredible glow worm caves. They are a definite must see for the incredible neon showcase.


6. Wild Jungles in Papua New Guinea

Wild Jungles in Papua New Guinea

Papua New Guinea is more than 75% forest, that holds hundreds of distinct species. Because of country’s closeness to Australia, it’s the only country on earth that you’ll see kangaroos living there.Also, with a broad range of old cultures, history lovers as well as outdoor enthusiasts will adore this place.



7. The Amazon in Brazil

The Amazon in Brazil

The famous Amazon Rainforest is the world’s most talked about jungle in the entire world. Over 10,000 species call this place home and more scientists discover more of them daily. These forests are exceptional for their biodiversity. In addition, they spread through over 9 countries, the largest area is in Brazil. They are very popular river cruise destinations, however, be prepared for extreme humidity if you go on a hike in there.


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