There are many good hotels in Iran where you can stay during your travel. However, if you want to experience the best Iran hotels, then you should consider residency in the hotels in this list.

Standardization and grading systems for hotels in Iran differ from what is expected of international hotel stars. As a rule, the prices of Iranian hotels are negligible compared to the most expensive hotels in the world, even if they are the most expensive in the country.

Five-star hotels worldwide are ranked according to the services and facilities they provide to travelers. Infrastructure, sports and leisure facilities, indoor facilities, the number of restaurants with a great variety of food, the type of staff and customer training, and many other factors determine the number of hotel stars internationally. But in Iran, hotel ratings and star ratings are different.

Unlike foreign hotels, the prices of five-star Iran hotels are very close to each other. This is why choosing one of the expensive hotels is difficult, but what is certain is that these six hotels are a bit more expensive than other hotels in the country.


Espinas Hotel a Grand Place to Stay in Tehran

6 Luxury Hotels in Iran - Espinas Hotel

Espinas Hotel is probably the most famous among the hotels in Iran. This amazing residency was built after the success of Espinas Astara Hotel on Keshavarz Boulevard. As one of the most grand of Tehran hotels, this hotel has more than 300 suits and rooms which are perfectly decorated, and the service in this hotel is at the same level as the best hotels in the region.


Parsian Esteghlal Hotel Located North of Tehran

6 Luxury Hotels in Iran - Parsian Esteghlal Hotel

Parsian Esteghlal Hotel is the largest five-star hotel in the north of Tehran. This hotel was formerly called the Royal Hilton Hotel. Moreover, Parsian Esteghlal Hotel was built on November 29, 1962. The hotel consists of two towers, the East Building and the West Building, which were originally built at the start of the West Building and later with the East Building. It has 15 floors and 552 rooms.


Dariush Grand Hotel A Five-Start Residency

A Guide to Best Iran Hotels - Dariush Grand Hotel

The 5-star Dariush Grand Hotel, symbolically inspired by Persepolis of the Achaemenid era, is one of the best hotels in Iran. You can find this place on the island of Kish. Dariush Grand Hotel has 500 beds and features sports rooms, rooms with great views, Thai massages, boating sessions, and water sports activities. Also, residents can enjoy discounts on bird gardens and dolphin parks.


Abbasi Hotel Located in The city of Isfahan

A Guide to Best Iran Hotels - Abbasi Hotel

Isfahan Abbasi Hotel is actually the oldest of Iran hotels. The complex was built on the orders of King Sultan Hussein Safavi as a present to his mother. In the year 1957, proposed by Andre Godard, a French architect, and archaeologist, the Iranian Insurance Company decided to establish a hospitality facility in this Safavid building. It was in accordance with the rules of the Antiquities Office, and in 1965 the hotel was put into operation.


Laleh Kandovan Hotel in The City of Tabriz

Laleh Kandovan Hotel

The Laleh Kandovan Hotel is one of the most exceptional Iran hotels in the world. It is because of the fact that it is the third-rock hotel in the world. The historic village of Kandovan is located 22 km from the city of Osku. Also, it is 62 km away from the famous city of Tabriz.

The hotel has 40 rooms, the first phase of which was operational in 2008 and the second phase in July 2015, with 16 of them being functional. The Laleh Kandovan Hotel got its inspiration from existing rural houses built in pre-Islamic times. The conical and pyramidal hills of these houses sometimes reach up to 60 meters.

Malek Al-Tojar Traditional Hotel in City of Yazd

Malek Al-Tojar Traditional Hotel

Yazd is the only city in the country with no shortage of hotels. It is because many of its old houses have been converted into traditional hotels. Also, of all the traditional hotels in Iran, Malek Al-Tojar Hotel is the most expensive hotel in Yazd.