Everywhere in the world, they announce their most expensive hotels to attract the world’s richest, but this is not the case in Iran. If it is rumored that this is the most expensive hotel or restaurant or even the richest person in the world, the impression may remain for decades, even if it is soon to be violated.

Thus, the Abbasi Hotel in Isfahan was thought to be the most expensive hotel in Iran for years, though a simple query about the price of several hotels revealed to us that it was not. In this report we look at the most expensive hotels currently accepting travelers in Iran.

Standardization and hotel stars in Iran differ from what is expected of international hotel stars. As a rule, the prices of Iranian hotels are negligible compared to the most expensive hotels in the world, even if they are the most expensive in the country.

Five star hotels worldwide are ranked according to the services and facilities they provide to travelers. Infrastructure, sports and leisure facilities, indoor facilities, the number of restaurants with a great variety of food, the type of staff and customer training and many other factors determine the number of hotel stars internationally. But in Iran, hotel ratings and star ratings are different.

Perhaps this is why the standardization of the country’s hotels has not yet been completed. In Iran, what makes the stars more than just a service is their architecture and exterior decoration, but in this article we will introduce you to six of Iran’s most expensive hotels.

Unlike foreign hotels, the prices of five-star hotels in Iran are very close to each other, which is why choosing one of the expensive hotels is difficult but what is certain is that these six hotels are a bit more expensive than other hotels in the country. 

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Tehran Spinas Hotel

Spinas Hotel Tehran was built after the success of Spinas Astara Hotel with an area of ​​3000 square meters with 27,000 meters of ministerial building in Keshavarz Boulevard. The construction of the hotel took 27 months to complete in February 2010 costing $17m.

Tehran Esteghlal Hotel

Tehran Esteghlal Hotel is the largest five star hotel in north of Tehran. The hotel was formerly called the Royal Hilton Hotel. The hotel was built on November 29, 1962 on a land of 170,000 square meters. The hotel consists of two towers, the East Building and the West Building, which were originally built at the start of the West Building (with a 17100-square-foot building) and later with the East Building (with a 13500-square-foot building). It has 15 floors and 959 beds.

At the time it was built, travelers could easily see the prospect of the Alborz Mountains, but nowadays it is a bit difficult given the many constructions that have taken place even on the hillside.

Dariush Hotel Kish

The grand 5-star Dariush Hotel, symbolically inspired by Persepolis, was built to symbolize the pride of ancient Iran during the Achaemenid era on the island of Kish with a capital of $125 million on a land measuring 121,330 meters. It has 500 beds and features billiards rooms, ping pong tables, Thai massages, boating sessions and classic showers, and residents can enjoy a 50% discount on bird gardens and dolphin parks.

Isfahan Abbasi Hotel

Isfahan Abbasi Hotel is actually the oldest hotel in Iran. Of course not in the sense that its building has been used as a hotel since the Safavid dynasty. The complex was built on the orders of King Sultan Hussein Safavi, who presented it to his mother.

Hence, it was called the Shah’s mother’s school and inn. In the year 1957 proposed by Andre Godard, French architect, archaeologist and designer and builder of the National Museum of Iran, the Iranian Insurance Company decided to establish a hospitality facility in this Safavid building according to the rules of the Antiquities Office and in 1965 the hotel was put into operation. .

Laleh Kandovan Hotel

The Laleh Kandovan Hotel is one of the most exceptional hotels in the world as it is the third rock hotel in the world. The historic village of Kandovan is located 22 km from the city of Oskoo, 62 km from the city of Tabriz.

The hotel has 40 rooms, the first phase of which has been operational in 2008 and the second phase in July of 2015, with 16 of them being functional. The ancient village of Kandovan, also known as the Kandovan Hotel, is inspired by rural houses in the same way that some believe in the seventh century, and others believe that pre-Islamic times. The conical and pyramidal hills of these houses sometimes reach up to 60 meters, which are dug in the heart like hives.

Yazd Malek Al-Tojar Traditional Hotel

According to Ibrahim Pourfaraj, head of the Iranian Tourist Society, Yazd is the only city with no shortage of hotels due to the fact that many of its old houses have been converted to traditional hotels. Of all the traditional hotels in Yazd, it was recently reported that Yazd’s Malek Al-Tojar Hotel is the most expensive hotel in Yazd.

The property belongs to the mother family of Ali Asghar Khan Shirazi, a Yazdi merchant who crosses the opium, silk, spice and a rug to Iran and China and Oman. For this reason, at the time of Qajar, Nasser al-Din Shah gave him the title of Al-Tojar.