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Where to Go on A Low Budget?



Where to Go on A Low Budget?

Low Budget Travel Destinations

Low budget travel does not mean staying in bad places or taking a road trip. But for people who do not have much money and want to see wonderful places, there are many options to choose from. In this article, we tell you about 10 amazing places to travel on budget while enjoying your trip experience.


Western Australia with Many Natural Attractions

Where to Go on A Low Budget? - Western Australia Has Beautiful Natural Scenery

The Australian landscape is very vast; however, the country is becoming more expensive to many tourists. However, not all locations are pricy. You can do your traveling on a budget in Western Australia, where there are fewer city developments but more beautiful natural scenery. Also, you can enjoy its beautiful concerts and tour the Kimberley area.


Timor-Leste in Southeast Asia

Where to Go on A Low Budget? - Timor-Leste Has Plenty of Good Places to Stay

Timor-Leste is a great spot for low budget travel because it is located in the Southeastern part of Asia. This cultural wonderland has plenty of good places to stay. Some of these places include beach shelters and mountain guesthouses. The beautiful blue beaches are also great for diving.


Costa Rica’s Caribbean Coast

Costa Rica's Caribbean Coast is Still Unknown to Most Tourists - Traveling on Budget

Traveling to the Pacific coast can cost you a lot, but traveling to Costa Rica’s Caribbean is still unknown to most tourists. Here, traveling on a budget is a real possibility with a pristine coastline and very good weather almost yearly.


Quebec City in The French part of Canada

Traveling on Budget - Quebec City in Canada is A UNESCO World Heritage Site

If the cost of buying a ticket to Europe is too high and unfeasible, then this place might be your second choice. As a UNESCO World Heritage Site, the colonial historic area has excellent castles, cobblestone streets, and many food stops.


Galicia city in Spain

Traveling on Budget - Galicia in Spain is One of The Cheapest Places For Tourists

All in all, this paradise is one of the cheapest places for tourists to travel. Traveling on budget is really possible here with cheap food costs and fewer crowds to make the prices go high. The beaches are full of beautiful rocks and can be considered one of the best places on earth.


Bosnia and Herzegovina with Old Style Buildings and Culture

Bosnia and Herzegovina is Where You Can Do Skiing And Water Rafting- Traveling on Budget

This European gem can have all the essentials for a good trip, like an affordable stay and food that all tourists want. Various activities, such as skiing and water rafting, are also very affordable.


New Mexico city in The United States of America

Traveling on Budget - New Mexico Has Hot Springs And Alpine Forest For Hiking

This place has hot springs and an alpine forest and can be well-hiked. Don’t forget the International Balloon Festival of Fiesta. If you are heading to the wilderness here, traveling on budget becomes a reality since nothing is expensive here.


East Africa with its Natural Beauty

Traveling on Budget - East Africa is Where You Can See Elephants And Rhinos

In these areas, you can see elephants and rhinos in Kenya and access some of the important tourism opportunities in the country’s wildlife. The only thing that might be costly is taking on a tour. Going with a local is a must as this part of the world is unsafe for foreigners.


Ho Chi Minh City And Hanoi in Vietnam

Affordable Travel Guide - Ho Chi Minh City And Hanoi in Vietnam Have many Historical Temples

Ho Chi Minh City is a metropolis that is very popular with many tourists who are on a low budget travel journey. This place has many historical temples, and you can travel at a low price. Also, Hanoi can be considered affordable travel. The nightlife is also fantastic here, and many can save on expenses because of the currency exchange rate.


Estonia with Lush Forests and Cheap Food

Affordable Travel Guide - Estonia Has A lot of Lush Forests And Beautiful Houses

If you have not been to Estonia’s lush forests, then at least head to Tallinn and visit this beautiful place. Low budget travel in Estonia is relatively easy since the purchase culture here has not caused the prices to go high. Hence, you can see very reasonable prices everywhere with very cheap public transport.

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