Cuba Travel Tips

Cuba Travel Tips – Despite all the sights and attractions that this unique country has, in addition to being a tourist destination for foreign tourists for several years, it has not been very easy to travel due to economic reasons and some sanctions. One of travel tips for Cuba is that the best time to visit Cuba is from December to May when you can expect dry, sunny days and the sky is usually clear. The wet season of the year begins in June. Tourists usually avoid traveling to Cuba between August and October because there is a possibility of storms during this time and the weather is not good.

You might ask what to do in Cuba and where to and the answer is that in Cuba, you can walk the streets and back alleys of the old streets and enjoy the special atmosphere in them, go to its unique mountains, try mountaineering and hiking trails, get to know the history of famous tobacco and cigars here. Also, learn more about Cuba’s old and colorful cars, which are one of the main symbols of this country in the world.

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