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Best Sanctuaries and Zoos in Alaska



Best sanctuaries and zoos in Alaska

Top Zoos in Alaska

Because of the land which Alaska is situated on & its geography, there are many sanctuaries and zoos in Alaska. These animal sanctuaries provide great care and support for the local land as well as sea creatures in order to preserve their ability to lie in the wild. Many of these zoos are non-profit organizations and all the ticket sales go to the cost of caring for the rescued animals and maintain their health. Sometimes they even ask for donation and volunteer work in order to keep up with the cost of the operation. Overall, these sanctuaries & zoos in Alaska are amazing places to visit with family and get to know these animals.


Alaska Zoo located in Anchorage

Alaska Zoo Started in 1966 With The Name Alaska Children’s Zoo - Best Sanctuaries and Zoos in Alaska

Alaska Zoo is one of the oldest operating non-profit zoos in Alaska with over 5 decades of service of caring for injured and orphan animals. It all started in 1966 with adoption of an Asian elephant and with local people’s interest, they then open their gates as Alaska Children’s Zoo. Since then, they have made their mission to educated visitors about animals as well as providing shelter & caring for wildlife in need.

The admission rates have remained affordable through the years, below $20, and there are discounts for young adults and military personnel as well. Also, there are Annual Memberships options which makes it much cheaper to visit yea on a yearly basis and you get to enjoy discounts on specific events & programs taking place at Alaska zoo.

There are many activities you can participate here. They include birthday parties, animal feeding experience and summer camp adventure for little children. It is advised to reserve and book for these events online and a day prior to attending them.


Alaska Zoo Hours & Transportation

Alaska zoo hours are longer in summer times, June-August, from 9 am to 8 pm. From May to September you can visit them 9 in the morning until 6 in the evening. The Alaska zoo hours in months of October, November, December, January, February, March and April are from 10 am to 4 pm.

If you happen to visit then in summer time, there is a free shuttle between Downtown Anchorage, 4th & F street, and the zoo. This shuttle runs every day from June to early September time every day. Check their website for more accurate pick up and drop off times.


Fortress of the Bear a Not-For-Profit Organization

USA Travel Guide - Fortress of the Bear is A Sanctuary for Alaskan Bears

Fortress of the Bear is a sanctuary for Alaskan bears where they care for rescued cubs making it one of more unique zoos in Alaska. They continue to do so until they are ready to be released into the wild. Opened in 2007, they are continuously working to save these majestic animals and they are currently providing care for 8 bears.

Similar to Alaska zoo they are a not-for-profit organization and all the admission fees go to maintaining animals health and staff salaries. It is good to know that they are closed from November to March when these bears are hibernating. They reopen from early May until the end of October.

As for the transportation, in summer time, you can contact Sitka Tours company and arrange for bus tours and drop off information. Any other time of the year, your best bet is to take Blue Line bus and stop at Whale Park. Then take Sawmill Creek Rd toward NF-7577 and walk for about 30 minutes until you reach Fortress of the Bear sanctuary.


Alaska Wildlife Conservation Center Located in Portage Valley

Best Sanctuaries and Zoos in Alaska - Alaska Wildlife Conservation Center is Located in Portage Valley

Alaska Wildlife Conservation Center has one of largest selection of wildlife an it is a good animal sanctuary Alaska has to offer to its visitors. Some of the animals you get to see include but not limited to bear, bison, muskox, moose, reindeer, Lynx, elks and wolves  Located in Portage Valley, you get to explore an area of 200 hectares while enjoying the view of the Chugach Mountain Range.

Similar to other prestigious zoos in Alaska, they have educational lessons and field trips available so that adults and kids get to know more about these animals in care. If you want to give them a visit, they are open every day from March to October. Other months they are open on Fridays, Saturdays, Sundays and Mondays only.

For adults, the admission price is at $18 per person and you need to take a tour bus to here if you do not have your personal car.


The Kroschel Wildlife Center to See Wolves and Bears

The Kroschel Wildlife Center A Wolf Sanctuary - USA Travel Guide

Source: “The Kroschel Wildlife Center Facebook”

The Kroschel Wildlife Center is another one of suitable zoos in Alaska. It is where you can brig your children along to bein close proximity of wolves and bears. They are actually a wolf sanctuary in Alaska where they rescue puppies and take care of them until they are ready to return to the wild. Also, there is a Retreat cabin where you can spend a night in there. Here, you get to experience mountain life with some amenities and comfort. Prior to visit or stay it is better to contact them to make an appointment for the private tours or the retreat cabin.


Alaska SeaLife Center for Seeing Marine Life

Alaska SeaLife Center Operates Annually From End of May until End of September- Best Sanctuaries and Zoos in Alaska

Alaska SeaLife Center is one of sea aquariums & zoos in Alaska if you want to sea some marine life, birds, fishes & octopuses. They operate annually from end of May until end of September. The ticket prices fluctuates depending on the month of the year. However, you can expect to pay around $30 for the general admission. Visitors ca access them by road or by train as well as cruise ship during the summer season. Also, there is a free shuttle in summer time that has stops at the rail as well as cruise terminals.

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