Top Coffee Shops in Port Louis

Top Coffee Shops in Port Louis

List of Coffee Shops in Port Louis

Let’s take a look at the coffee shops in Port Louis, where located in the capital of Mauritius. These coffee shops have a relaxing vibe in them, and their prices for international travelers are very reasonable. Some of these coffee houses are located near the Caudan Waterfront, giving beautiful surroundings and an amazing shopping experience after drinking your beverages.



Trident Cafe located on Poudriere Street

Top Coffee Shops in Port Louis - Trident Cafe Offers Hot & Cold Coffee, Milo & Hot Chocolate

Trident Cafe has a friendly and aesthetic environment with soothing background music and is one of the best coffee shops in Port Louis. It is located on Poudriere St and near Les Jardins De La Compagnie. One of the plus points of drinking beverages here is having free WIFI. The Trident Cafe has hot & cold coffee, Milo, hot chocolate, hot tea, bubble tea, milkshakes, smoothies, as well as some detox drinks. They offer some desserts to go along with your beverage too. As for some heavier meals, you can order grilled meat, burgers, sandwiches, and even panini. Their prices are excellent, and the service is always good with very polite staff.


Cafe De La Presse close to Les Jardins De La Compagnie

Travel Guide Mauritius - Cafe De La Presse is Located on La Chaussée Road

If you wish to try Cafe De La Presse, it is worth only trying its drink menu and its cake offerings. The service is good, and the prices for their coffees and teas are quite reasonable. Another bonus point about here is that their interior décor is very modern, and the place is always clean. Also, they are very famous for the variety of milkshakes they serve, all with good prices. De La Presse is on La Chaussée Road between Sir Celicourt Antelme & Edith Cavell Streets.


Café LUX* Caudan in The Center of Port Louis

Café LUX Caudan Has Very Welcoming With Rapid Service - Top Coffee Shops in Port Louis

Café LUX is another one of the good coffee shops in Port Louis, located at the prominent Cauden Waterfront with a fantastic view of the harbor. This coffee house is very welcoming, with rapid service, clean tables, and smiling and polite staff. Also, make sure to try their velvet cakes, cheesecakes, and macarons for desserts. Moreover, their selection of coffee is acceptable, and because of its location, prices are higher than average. If you ever get the chance to visit them, make sure to try their milkshakes, cappuccino, ice creams, muffins, and their famous lemon sorbet. This is the place that still has quality coffee and dessert though maybe their food is on the average side.


Artisan Coffee at Port Louis Waterfront

Top Coffee Shops in Port Louis - Artisan Coffee is Located in Cauden Waterfront in Maina Quay

Artisan Coffee has a nice variety of elegantly made coffee, freshly baked pastries, and many types of bread. This Artisan Coffee is located very close to Lux Cafe in Cauden Waterfront in Maina Quay. Similar to Lux Cafe, prices are slightly higher; however, the flavor of their milkshakes makes you want to come back time and time again. This is a spot for those with no easy access to other coffee shops and who just want to grab a quick coffee or tea and watch the harbor.


vida e caffè

vida e caffè is Located Right Opposite of the Consulate of Belgium - Travel Guide Mauritius

If you want slightly more reasonably priced coffee, pastries, and teas, then Vida e Caffè should be on your list. The vibe here is very relaxing and welcoming, and the fresh smell of croissant baking gives this place a good feeling. This amazing coffee shop is located on Dr. Ferriere Street, right opposite the consulate of Belgium.

*Update: This café is no longer operational.


Delibake Cafe & Bakery located Opposite The USA Embassy

Delibake Cafe & Bakery is Located Opposite the USA Embassy on John Kennedy Street

There is nothing greater than having quality cakes and pastries to go along with your morning or evening coffee, and Delibake Cafe & Bakery provides such an unforgivable experience. The menu here is short and simple, but they are famous for their small shortcakes with cream on top, making it one of the best coffee shops in Port Louis for a quick coffee. You can find Delibake Cafe & Bakery right opposite the USA Embassy on John Kennedy Street.

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