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Top Bars in Bodrum



Top Bars in Bodrum

Top Bars in Bodrum

Top Bars in Bodrum – One of the reasons Bodrum is so popular with the Turks during summer time is the fantastic nightlife here. However, tourists and foreigners don’t seem to enjoy the best of the city’s bars and end up in a sub par location and leave the Bodrum disappointed. Therefore, here is a helpful and small list of where to go if you want to drink in Bodrum.



Mandalin Sound

Top Bars in Bodrum

This bar is located along the coast and gives you a cozy and calming atmosphere while playing good music at the background. Another fantastic thing about it is that you will get a view of the Bodrum’s castle in the heart of Bodrum’s nightlife hub.


Memories & Horribles Karaoke Pub

Top Bars in Bodrum

This small bar is a must visit because of its good prices and its owner, Mehmet, who is of good character. As the name suggests, you can also do karaoke with friends too.


Gekko Cocktail & Whisky

Top Bars in Bodrum

Gekko Cocktail & Whisky should be your first choice when it comes to cocktail bars in Bodrum. The vibe is leaning more towards being hipster friendly. However, that doesn’t make their cocktails any less affordable and delicious.


Adamik Bar

Adamik Bar - Bars from Bodrum

Adamik Bar is a classic bar with stools and it is a absolute must-go in Bodrum. The music here is soothing and their drinks very refreshing. What makes this bar special is its good location and friendly bartenders.


Moonlight Cafe Bar

Top Bars in Bodrum

Moonlight bar offers a great, vast view of the sky above Bodrum and along its shore. This cafe and bar is a good place to drink, relax and enjoy the sound of sea without a care in the world.


Marina Yacht Club

Marina Yacht Club Bars from Bodrum

The Marina Yacht Club is very famous with Turkish pop music scene, hand it will get really crowded if there is a special live band or act is playing there. The view of the harbour and its unique cocktails makes it a spacial place to go in Bodrum.


Frappe Bodrum

Frappe Bodrum Bars from Bodrum

This bar is one of the friendliest bar at the very heart of Bodrum. Also, they have really good vegetarian burgers here. Another great feature of this bar is the resident dog, Pasha the beagle which makes the time there more memorable.


Maça Kızı

Top Bars in Bodrum

Maça Kızı is a  beach bar that has a view that hardly any bar in Bodrum can match. However, it is more pricey than the rest.

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