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7 Things to Do in Japan During Winter



7 Things to Do in Japan During Winter

How to Enjoy Winter in Japan

Winter in Japan can provide a dreamy travel experience for tourists. There are many things available but these things to do in Japan during winter are essential for you to maximize the fun in this country. Beginning of December is a good time to visit Japan as it’s the the month between high and low season. The winter season is cold, however there are not many visitors around the cities. Here are a few things to do while you are in Japan during the winter time.



1. Skiing in GALA Yuzawa Snow Resort

Adventure travel - GALA Yuzawa Snow Resort is Good For Skiing And Has 12 Ski Resorts

One of the best things to do when there is winter in Japan is to go skiing in GALA Yuzawa Snow Resort. There are a total of 12 ski resorts in GALA Yuzawa Snow Resort offering skiing and snow-related sports for all level of participant. If you just want to make some snowballs and play in the snow, well, you can do that in GALA Yuzawa Snow Resort too. Also, there are snowmobile rides available here that will give you nice view of the mountain . As, for children, this resort provides sledding area that kids can snow play and make snowman in this area.


2. Visiting the Blue Pond in Hokkaido

Winter in Japan - Blue Pond Hokkaido is Located in Town of Biei And is A Man-Made Pond To Protect

The Blue Pond Hokkaido is an unique blue colored lake in the forest near the town of Biei, Hokkaido. Furthermore, the best time to see the Blue Pond Hokkaido is during the winter in Japan comes with snow. This pond is even more beautiful at night when the color of the water is reflected onto the snow. It is Good to know that actually blue pond Hokkaido is a man-made pond built in order to protect Biei town from volcanic mud flow.


3. Bathing in Hot Springs of Yamagata

7 Things to Do in Japan During Winter - Bathing in Hot Springs of Yamagata Namely Shiroganeyu And Omokageyu

Another of main things to do during winter in Japan is trying hot springs in Yamagata. Getting into hot springs (onsen) is a way of life in Japan. In winter bathing in outdoor hot spring becomes a more memorable experience.There are 2 onsen public baths namely Shiroganeyu and Omokageyu, right in the center of Ginzan. Also, a free of charge Warashiyu public foot spa available for you.


4. Shopping During Winter Sales

7 Things to Do in Japan During Winter - Shopping During Winter Sales Happened At The End of The Year

Winter in Japan generally comes with end of the year sales. In fact you will see many sales in Japan happening in December when retailers start discounting all their winter stock. Also, December is a fantastic month for getting cheaper home appliances as well. Further, in January you get cheaper prices on everything even lower when the famous ‘lucky bags’ go on sale.


5. Be at Fuji-Q Highland in Fujiyoshida

Adventure Travel - Fuji Q Highland is Located At The Base of Mount Fuji With Very Good Rides

You might think that winter is not the right time to get into a theme park or maybe Japan is not really the place for it, however you should rethink that. Fuji Q Highland is an amusement park at the base of Mount Fuji with some of the best rides worldwide. Because Fuji Q Highland is close to Tokyo, a lot of people rush here and you will wait a long time to get into the rides.


6. Visiting Jigokudani Monkey Park

Winter in Japan - Jigokudani Monkey Snow Park is Part of The Joshin’etsukogen National Park

Jigokudani Monkey Snow Park is located in a valley called Yokugawa. You can find this park is in the north of Nagano Prefecture and is part of the Joshin’etsukogen National Park. These monkeys in Japan are famous as Koen. These creatures have a lot of fans all over the world because they show very interesting behaviors and communicate well with humans.

Undoubtedly one of the best places to see this type of monkey is Jigokudani Monkey Snow Park. All the monkeys that live in this park are under protection and no one can harm them. The best time to visit Jigokudani Monkey Snow Park is from December to March, is a good time to visit when there is snow during winter in Japan. However, the best months are January & February when the temperatures be at -10 Celsius which is when the monkeys like to bathe.


7. Enjoying Sapporo Snow Festival

Winter in Japan - Sapporo Snow Festival Takes Place During First Week of February

Sapporo snow festival is a week long celebration in Sapporo which is the capital of the Hokkaido. In fact, Sapporo snow festival takes place during first week of February and brings more than 2 million tourists and locals here yearly. Staying over is expensive, therefore if you want to travel there make sure to plan in advance. The best option is to arrive a few days prior the beginning of Sapporo snow festival and leave after the end of it.

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