Top Restaurants in Fes Morocco

Top Restaurants in Fes Morocco

Best Restaurants in Fez City of Morocco

There is no shortage of quality restaurants in this city, but this article tries to introduce the best restaurants in Fes Morocco in terms of price, popularity and variety of dishes you can get here. Even though the best food in Fez Morocco is the local Moroccan cuisine, in recent years, there have been more and more Chinese, Indian, French, and American restaurants opening. Both locals and tourists appreciate the introduction of new food choices in this touristic city. Here is a list of top restaurants in Fes Morocco with a great selection of food choices at all price ranges.

This city is populated with old mosques, old bazaars, traditional tanneries and many old Arab foods in North Africa. The name of this city is from the traditional hat (Turkish: Fez) that Muslims used to wear and the Arabic name for it is “Tarboush”. The name was given to this city because it was the primary manufacturer of this type of hat in North Africa.


Why is Fes Morocco Famous?

The city of Fez is famous for being the oldest city in Morocco, having the oldest established university in the world and one of the oldest tanneries in the region, which is still functional. Interestingly, this city was the political capital of Morocco and has been a hub for commerce at some point. You can still see many unique Moroccan arts, ceramic paintings, and traditional artifacts found in the Medina (Old Town), resonating with the great history of this city.



Jinding Chinese Restaurant金鼎中餐厅 in Ville Nouvelle

Jinding Chinese Restaurant金鼎中餐厅 in Ville Nouvelle offers Good Chinese Food in Fes

The Jinding is one of a handful of Chinese Restaurants in New Fes, and it is also one of the top restaurants in Fes Morocco for Chinese food. With their reasonable prices and quality, generous portions and genuine Chinese food, you can take a break from having Moroccan food and try other food instead. The interior is kept clean and the menu has a lot of options for you to choose from. Jinding Chinese Restaurant is Located in the Ville Nouvelle zone, on Rue Lalla Amina, very close to the Parc Champ de Course Park, accessible from Avenue Prince du Heritier.


Made in M near the Qasbah En Nouar Old Town

Made in M Located near the Qasbah En Nouar Old Town Medina - Moroccan Restaurants in Fes Morocco

Positioned in the center of the Médina, Made in M is really one of the best restaurants in Fes Medina for Moroccan food, especially breakfast and tagine (vegetarian and chicken), with relatively low prices. The portions are not huge but definitely flavorful. They operate daily from 10 a.m. to 10 p.m.


Indian Factory Restaurant in Borj Fez Centro Comercial

Indian Factory Restaurant in Borj Fez Centro Comercial - Indian Food in Fes Morocco

Indian Factory Restaurant is located in the foot court of Borj Fez Centro Comercial. This Indian eatery is one of the top restaurants in Fes Morocco for light Indian meals like butter chicken, naan, biryani rice, and lassi yogurt drinks. The prices here are fair, and the food is very close to traditional Indian cuisine, though they are light on spiciness here. This commercial center is located on Boulevard Allal El Fassi and is accessible by public buses.


Restaurant Boujloud in the Famous Talaa Kebira Market

Terrace Restaurants in Fes Morocco - Restaurant Boujloud Located in the Famous Talaa Kebira Market

Restaurant Boujloud is the place to go for some quality Moroccan and international food; this eatery is also one of the best rooftop restaurants in Fes, and with the beautiful terrace here, you can view the medina from there. The Restaurant Boujloud has some of the best food in Fes Morocco, like tajine, couscous, spaghetti, burgers, pizzas, kebabs, Lala Meftaha, and various drinks and local pastries. This restaurant is located in the Talaa Kebira Market, and you have a fantastic chance to shop for some souvenirs after your meal. The prices here are on the average side, and they accept cash and provide stable Wi-Fi, too.


Le Tarbouche in Kasbah An-Nouar Area

Le Tarbouche Found in Kasbah An-Nouar Area - Best Food in Fes Morocoo

Le Tarbouche is the Arabic name for the traditional hat Moroccans used to wear. This restaurant also has the best restaurants in Fes Morocco for Moroccan food like Tabbouleh salad, sardine tajine, nachos, and a selection of French cuisine. Located in the Kasbah An-Nouar area, this is the place to get very healthy food and drinks at a super reasonable price. Make sure to try their healthy drinks and sweet desserts as well.


Restaurant MB in the New Fes (Ville Nouvelle)

Restaurant MB is Located in New Fes Area- Fine Dininf in Fes with Alcohol Servings

Restaurant MB is one of the best French restaurants in Fes Morocco that comes with contemporary French cuisine, and the meals are served in 4 courses with alcohol on the side. This restaurant is the pinnacle of fine dining in Fes, and the food is prepared using quality ingredients and very professional chefs. They require prior reservation here for lunch from 12 p.m. to 3 p.m. and dinner from 6:30 p.m. to midnight. You can find Restaurant MB on Rue Ahmed Chaouki in the New Fes.


Restaurant Tresor Fes in Riad Hotel in the Batha Neighborhood

Rooftop Restaurants Fes Morocco - Restaurant Tresor Fes Located in Riad Hotel in the Batha Neighborhood

One of the most loved rooftop restaurants in Fes Morocco is the Restaurant Tresor located in the heart of the Batha neighborhood. The interior is very colorful and the terrace is large and has a magnificent view. The menu is mostly of traditional Moroccan dishes with reasonable price tags. The exact location of Restaurant Tresor is on Derb Mokri Street and very close to Riad Hotel.


Restaurant Ouliya near Bab Rcif in the R’habet Zbib Area

Restaurant Ouliya near Bab Rcif in the R'habet Zbib Area - Terrace Restaurant Fes Morocco

Restaurant Ouliya is among the best places to eat in Fes if you love Moroccan food like tajin and couscous. They adhere to traditional cooking methods but are still able to enhance flavors to suit more modern customers. There is an outdoor terrace there as well which provides a beautiful view of the streets below. Restaurant Ouliya is located on Lamkouass Laayoun Rcif, near Bab Rcif in the R’habet Zbib district.


Veggie Pause in the Talaa Quarter near Bab Boujloud

Top Vegetarian Restaurants in Fes Morocco - Veggie Pause Located in the Talaa Quarter near Bab Boujloud

Veggie Pause is the place that caters to those who want vegetarian and gluten-free food in this city and it is one of the best vegetarian restaurants in Fes Morocco. The menu includes delicious items like couscous, hummus, Moroccan lasagna, fruit tajine, soups, and pizzas, and their prices are reasonably fair. You can find Veggie Pause on Rue de la Poste, in the Talaa Quarter close to the historic Bab Boujloud attraction. The opening hours are daily except Mondays from 12 p.m. to 10 p.m.


What is the Traditional Food in Fes Morocco?

The culture of Fez is a mixture of Greek, Arab, Tunisian, Turkish, and Moroccan, showcasing that in the traditional food here. The most widely available traditional and best food in Fes is “couscous.” Because it is notorious, easy to make, mainly needs wheat and vegetables, and most importantly, very little water. This dish is readily available at very low prices in most restaurants in Fes Morocco.

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