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Top Port Louis Restaurants



Top Port Louis Restaurants

List of Port Louis Restaurants

As the Capital of Mauritius, Port Louis Restaurants are the most suitable locations for those who want to try both local flavors and the flavor of other cuisines from those who migrate to this part of the Indian Ocean. Because of its colonial past, you will see a great deal of French influence on the local food culture here. However, they are large communities of Indian Chinese here who brought their food and established many restaurants here. You will read through many restaurants further down in this post, accommodating different budgets and pallets.


City Spice Port Louis opposite Dr AG Hospital

City Spice Port Louis is Located Opposite Dr. AG Jeetoo Hospital - Top Port Louis Restaurants

When it comes to eating in one of the best Indian Port Louis restaurants, City Spice should be on top of everyone’s list. The original store has still kept its humble look and is currently located on A.R. Mohamed Street, on the corner of Cite Laval Street.

The food here tastes great, and they have kept the prices very affordable at this branch. If you wish to be in a more modern environment, then you should visit City Spice Port Louis Branch. This eatery is opposite Dr. AG Jeetoo Hospital on Volcy Pougnet Street. At this branch, you have a wider selection of Indian dishes like Tandoori chicken, butter chicken, mutton tawa, and even Chinese noodles.

Also, they regularly have dinner courses with drinks, a starter, a main course option, and some desserts. These dinner meals are always accompanied by live music like Sitar & Tabla. The great thing about here is that there are many vegetarian options available, and even though the restaurant is modern, their prices are still very reasonable, and the food tastes authentic.


Wapalapam on Sir William Newton Street

Wapalapam La Place Used to be A Colonial House With A Magnificent Courtyard - Mauritius Travel Tips

Nothing comes close to the serenity that visitors experience in the Wapalapam la Place building. The building in which this restaurant currently operates used to be a colonial house with a magnificent courtyard. The Wapalapam la Place restaurant is one of many Port Louis restaurants in the heart of the city. It has kept most of the vintage furniture, wooden tables, and chairs, adding charm. This setting gives it a cozy and relaxing vibe.

Moreover, Wapalapam la Place specializes in providing high-quality dishes that best describe the flavors of Indian Ocean cuisine. So, the menu might seem very limited at first, but every dish here is made carefully to perfection. This restaurant is just a few minutes away from Waterfront Underpass.

Restaurant Canton at 15 Rue Emmanuel Acquital

Mauritius Travel Tips - Restaurant Canton Serves Cheap & Delicious Cantonese Food

There is no shortage of good Chinese restaurants in Port Louis. However, when it comes to delicious Cantonese food, no other place can compete with Canton Restaurant. The menu is simple to choose from, and you will have well-known options like fried rice & noodles, Chinese dumplings & roasted chicken. Normally, Chinese restaurants offer good value for money.

Restaurant Canton is no exception with its affordable prices, large portions, and quite friendly staff. This restaurant is located on 15 Rue Emmanuel Acquital near “La gare du Nord” bus station and “Kinoo Square Shopping Mall.” Also, there are other Port Louis restaurants selling Chinese food nearby and even a kimchi house Korean eatery near Canton Restaurants.


Rozi Darbarr Restaurant on Léoville L’Homme Street

Rozi Darbarr Restaurant is A Double-Storey Restaurant Serving Authentic Indian Cuisine- Top Port Louis Restaurants

Rozi Darbarr is one of the double-story Port Louis restaurants serving mainly authentic Indian cuisine with a small number of Chinese dishes on the side. Other than Indian cuisine, they offer some Moghul and local dishes on their menu. The atmosphere here is calming, and there is always soothing Indian instrumental music playing in the background.

Another great thing about here is that they pay great attention to cleanliness. Therefore, chairs, tablecloths, and utensils are always cleaned and neatly placed there. This eatery is super close to Central Market, so you can shop for some fresh ingredients before you return home. If you take Bourbon Street towards the harbor, you will reach this market in no time.


Hong Fa near La gare du nord

Hong Fa Serves Seafood Like Pawn Hot Pots & Lobsters - Travel Guide Mauritius

Another one of the nice Port Louis restaurants serving amazing Chinese food is Hong Fa. The difference here is that they offer more seafood like ginger or garlic butter lobster, abalone & mushroom, and their famous pawn hot pots. If you want your meal to be flavorful and close to what you might get in Cantonese-speaking parts of China, then Hong Fa is the place to be. Also, Hong Fa is close to ” Canton Restaurant.”


Bistro Barbu Port Louis

Top Port Louis Restaurants - Bistro Barbu Port Louis is Very Close to Place Victoria Bus Terminal

Bistro Barbu is a great location to try French food in this city and has been a local favorite since 2015. They tend to serve more international food and are famous for their hearty burgers and innovative salads. Also, you will see many of the well-known coffee shops in Port Louis nearby the neighborhood, giving it a very positive and happening environment.

The prices here are more expensive than the other eateries mentioned above. However, given the quality of the ingredients used here, those prices are really justifiable. The menu here is entirely in French, but the working staff speak a good level of English and can help you choose the right food. You can find Bistro Barbu on the commercial Edith Cavall Street, walking from Place Victoria Bus Terminal.


Il Prata Pizza Restaurant on Grande Rue

Top Port Louis Restaurants - Il Pirata Serves Affordable Wood-Fired Pizzas & Pastas

For wood-fired pizzas here, there is no better Port Louis restaurant to visit than Il Prata. The restaurant might seem old-fashioned, but it does not really matter when you can eat perfectly cooked pizzas at affordable prices. Other than pizzas, they serve Italian Pasta and steaks as well. Also, they serve ice cream here, and if you ask them, they will plate it in a more palatable way to younger children.

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