Don’t only rely on beaches to have fun in Antalya

Don't only rely on beaches to have fun in Antalya

How to Have Fun in Antalya

The most visited places in Turkey after Istanbul and Ankara are the beautiful Antalya beaches in Turkey. It is easy to have fun in Antalya as this city is known as one of the most amazing cities in Turkey where many travelers come to the city every year for leisure and relaxation. Many travelers traveling to this city think that they can only go to the beaches of Antalya to have fun. However, they do not know that Antalya is full of fun and spectacular places to bring them excitement in this journey.

There are many leisure activities to have fun in Antalya that most tourists are unaware of, and every time they pack their bags and enter the city, they go to the same old places, which makes them bored of Antalya and Turkey.

That’s why we decided to introduce lesser-known places for those looking for fun in Antalya so that if you are planning to travel to Antalya, you can make yourself some enjoyable moments on this trip.


Experience a Different Trip to This City

Most of us have become accustomed to going back and forth to the places of interest we once had many times over as we travel. Until someone introduces new places, we will never change our course to face new and interesting things.

Turkey Travel Tips - Experience a Different Trip to This City of Antalya

Antalya is one of the most popular cities among foreigners, and there are people who visit this city several times a year to have fun in Antalya. Eventually, instead of experiencing the joyful feeling, they will be bored of that experience. As a result, they decide not to choose this city for traveling anymore.

In addition to popular beaches such as Antalya Çıralı Beach, there are different and fascinating places in the city that most locals know about. Of course, there are many exciting festivals happening in Antalya, so be sure to stay informed about them before traveling.

When visiting this magnificent city, you might want to experience its nightlife as well. Therefore, here is a guide for bars in Antalya that gives a simple but effective guide on where to go to have fun at night.


Alanya Or Antalya, Which city to Choose?!

Is Alanya better or Antalya? This is the question most travelers ask before traveling to this city, and few people can answer that question. However, the answer to this question is to say that both of these cities have different characteristics, and one cannot say which one is better than the other. It is true that most travelers cannot answer this question. In the following, we will explain each city’s features to you.

Don't Only Rely on Beaches to Have Fun in Antalya - Alanya Or Antalya?!

Alanya is the nearest town to Antalya, and you can go to Alanya in as little time as possible after enjoying a hearty tour of the city and experiencing this beautiful city.

Alanya is one of the oldest cities in Turkey, with many attractions. When traveling to this city, even seconds are more enjoyable than anything you experienced before. Alanya, with its wonders, has attracted many tourists and travelers. Among the amazing places in Alanya, we can mention the following:

  • Damlatas Caves
  • Alanya Sapadere Canyon
  • Ehmedek Kalesi
  • The ancient port city of Aitape
  • Alanya Castle
  • The land of Kilikya
  • Kleopatra Beach
  • Red Tower (Kızıl Kule)

Each of these places is very spectacular, and you can have great memories of them.

Turkey Travel Tips - Apollo's Temple is One of Many Fascinating Locations Here

But what fascinating locations this city posses that you have hardly heard of. Here we discuss osome of these places.

  • Apollo’s Temple
  • Churches
  • Metropolitan City Cemetery
  • rock tombs
  • Roman Bath
  • Yanartaş fires
  • Düden Waterfalls
  • Karaalioğlu Park
  • Yivliminare Mosque
  • Mount Güllük-Termessos National Park

The beautiful sights in Antalya don’t just summarize the 10 things mentioned above. These are just places where fewer people visit, and little advertising has been written about these mesmerizing places. However, the local Festival is one of the most popular events held in different seasons of the year. This exciting festival has a lot of fans and cannot be easily overlooked.


Final Verdict on The Matter

Antalya is one of Turkey’s most popular resort towns, with many travelers arriving annually to have lots of fun in Antalya. It is a city that possesses a lot of sights, and you are guaranteed to leave here with great memories of this city. However, there are other fascinating cities around Antalya such as Alanya, Belek, Kemer, Murat Pasha, Gazipaşa, as well as Demre if you are willing to explore them.

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