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Best Bars in Antalya



Best Bars in Antalya

Best Bars in Antalya

Best Bars in Antalya – Antalya’s nightlife is really fantastic. You will get many night clubs as well as good live music at bars & pubs. Here you will see the best places to party and drink in Antalya. You can also see the Best Bars in Kusadasi‎ here.



Tudors Pub

Best Bars in Antalya

Tudors Pub is a humble bar like the old English pubs. You will find this in Muratpaşa neighborhood. Also, this pub is liked with locals because of the live local acts every night.


Hangar Bar

Best Bars in Antalya

This unique tree house bar is a favorite among young tourists worldwide. Hangar is a very cool bar where there is party every night. This bar is located in Olympos. Also, the wooden feel of this bar is different from the urban feel of Antalya.


Çello Cafe Bar

Best Bars in Antalya

This bar is great for meeting locals. Also, this little bar is most likely one of the best chill bars in Antalya. In summer time, you can enjoy your drinks on tables for side and enjoy the . Don’t be street view too. Also, dancing and great live music vibe here is surely to give you one of the most memorable night in Turkey.


Aura Club

Best Bars in Antalya

This club is the most famous club in Antalya. Aura offers finest music from some of the best local DJs, massive light shows, as well as dancers.

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