Best Bars in Antalya

Best Bars in Antalya

Famous Bars in Antalya

Antalya nightlife is probably one of the best in Turkey. In this article, you can see the best bars in Antalya offering great cocktails, beers, and good hospitality. Antalya’s nightlife is really fantastic because this city welcomes people from all over the world. You will get many nightclubs as well as good live music at bars and pubs. Here, you will see the best places to party and drink in Antalya.



The Tudors Arena a Proper Nightclub in Balıkpazarı Sk

Best Bars in Antalya - The Tudors Arena is Nearby Selçuk in Balıkpazarı Sk

The Tudors Arena is the first choice among bars in Antalya if you are looking for a proper nightclub. Also, Tudors Arena offers a real Antalya nightlife experience with a fantastic range of club music and a wide range of alcoholic drinks. Similar to other proper clubs, you will need to wait in line to get in if you come at peak hours. The Tudors Arena is near Selçuk in Balıkpazarı Sk.


Hangar Bar a Favorite Among Young Tourists

Best Bars in Antalya - Hangar Bar is A Beach Style Bar With Wooden Decoration

This unique tree house bar is a favorite among young tourists worldwide. Hangar is a very cool bar where there is a party every night. Hangar Bar is located Yazır in Dereboyu Caddesi. Also, the wooden decoration of this bar is different from other bars in Antalya. Hangar Bar gives you the closest vibe to a beach-style bar throughout the city.


Sheffield Pub in The Kılınçarslan Neighborhood

Turkey Travel Tips - Sheffield Pub Offers Mostly European Beer And Cocktails

Sheffield Pub is a good pub to watch sports, especially if you are a snooker fan and experience Antalya nightlife to the fullest extent. This pub offers mostly European beer and cocktails. Since the interior is small, most people hang out outside, where there are a few places for you to smoke and drink your beer. Overall, Sheffield Pub is a very cool place to be with friends. You can head to Kılınçarslan mah in Yenikapı sk to find this humble pub.


Sponge Pub Antalya a Good Spot for Live Music

Antalya Nightlife - Sponge Pub Antalya is at Selçuk in İzmirli Ali Efendi Sk

Sponge Pub Antalya is one of the best bars in Antalya if you want to sit down and listen to live music. The vibe here is more suited to those who want to have a drink and not to experience chaotic scenes of overly drunk individuals. There are a few round tables, and if you want to sit in the front row, you need to make a reservation beforehand. The location for Sponge Pub Antalya is at Selçuk in İzmirli Ali Efendi Sk.


Dubh Linn Irish Pub for True Guinness Beer

Turkey Travel Tips - Dubh Linn Irish Pub Offers Nice nice Guinness Beer Made in House

If you are looking for one of the nicer Irish bars in Antalya, you should head to Dubh Linn Irish Pub. You can find this pub in Kılınçarslan, 54 around Hesapcı Geçidi Sk. As an Irish pub should have, you can get nice Guinness beer here, which they brew in-house. They have nice seats outside where you can enjoy the city’s hustle and bustle while chatting with friends and drinking your beverage.


Up Shot Bar near İzmirli Ali Efendi Sk Area

Antalya Nightlife - Up Shot Bar is Around Selçuk Near İzmirli Ali Efendi Sk Area

Up Shot Bar is really good for experiencing amazing Antalya nightlife in an inviting environment. Also, the prices here are slightly more expensive at times. However, the ambiance and the DJs will make you come here to dance on weekends. Also, you can find Up Shot Bar around Selçuk near İzmirli Ali Efendi Sk area.


Simurg Cafe & Bar located at Selçuk

Antalya Nightlife - Simurg Cafe & Bar is Located At Selçuk, Tabakhane Sk

Simurg Cafe & Bar is one of the more lgbt friendly bars in Antalya. They have a very nice, laid-back, and cozy environment here. Also, at times, you will see some bands performing live performances here. Generally, it is one of those bars you go to with your close friends or on your own. They serve both international and regional drinks here. Moreover, the location for Simurg Cafe & Bar is at Selçuk, Tabakhane Sk.

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Best Antalya Nightlife Area

The best Antalya nightlife area you can visit is the Muratpaşa neighborhood. This is where most of the nightclubs and bars are located and where Hidirlik Tower and Mermeli Beach can be fun places to visit in the daytime, too.

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