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Top 8 Bars in Goa



Top 8 Bars in Goa

Best Bars in Goa

For tourists interested in pubs in Goa as well as a memorable nightlife goa has a lot to offer. Therefore, here are the top 8 bars in Goa that offer great time and affordable drinks to tourists and travelers alike. Goa features nice beaches, amazing night parties, as well as beach side dance bars. However, you can find some bars where have better vibe than others. These bars offer you some glitz and glamour, to enjoy the the nightlife and leave some unforgettable memories. Goa’s party scene comes alive in these bars, with live bands, a busy dance floor, and good drinks. These are the best bars in Goa you need to be at while in this amazing place.



1. Café Mojo in The Panaji City

India Travel Tips - Café Mojo is Where to Grab Beer As Well As Some Coctails

The bar with most tourists, Cafe Mojo in Panaji holds the best bar and karaoke in Goa. Also, Cafe Mojo is the only bar with a beer tap on each table. Visitors can pour as much beer as they want. Cafe Mojo is best place to grab a beer as well as some cocktails in the best nightlife Goa has to offer on the entire island.


2. Cafe Lilliput located Along The Anjuna Beach

Bars in Goa - Cafe Lilliput Lets You Enjoy Nightlife Goa Offering Live Music And Has Theme Parties

Cafe Lilliput bar has some of the best cocktails. The easy going vibe in Cafe Lilliput lets you enjoy their live music even more. Also, you can find theme parties in Cafe Lilliput, where international DJs playing their music.


3. Soro – The Village Pub in The Assagao Village

Pubs in Goa - Soro - The village pub Looks Old School And Very Charming

Soro is one of the best bars in Goa for having a good time. The bar’s name means alcohol in the local language. The place has amazing design with a rustic setting. Brick walls as well as soft lighting combine to give this place look old school and charming. Furthermore, you will have beers, wines, as well as other spirit in this bar.


4. Guru Bar a Beach Pub & Restaurant

Bars in Goa - Guru Bar is Situated on The Beach Itself And Offers Quick Bites

Guru Bar is one of those very scenic casual dining bars where you can enjoy the most scenic of sunsets. The place has a rustic appeal and a relaxed ambience. This casual dining Guru Bar is situated on the beach itself. Therefore, coming to Guru Bar for a quick bite or spending quiet evenings with friends can be very satisfying.


5. Club Tito’s Goa in Baga Town

Travel Guide India - Club Tito's is For Having Good Time Offers to Locals And Tourists

Tito’s is one of the best bars in Goa for having a majorly unforgettable nightlife Goa offers locals and its tourists. One of the most vibrant of places at night, Club Tito’s is the place to visit for good quality cocktails.


6. Curlies Beach Shack on Gumal Vaddo Area

Pubs in Goa - Curlies Beach Shack Gives You An Amazing Nightlife Goa And View of The Seashore

Curlies Beach Shack bar on Anjuna Beach gives you an amazing nightlife Goa and view of the seashore. While in Curlies Beach Shack, try their local Goan as well as Continental dish. It’s made from the local herbs & spices to give them flavor and taste.


7. Uv Bar located in Anjuna Village

Travel Guide India - Uv Bar Offers Great Time That Visitors Can Experience

Uv Bar is also another one of nicer pubs in Goa. This Uv Bar has a more Psychedelic vibe to it. Because of its neon colored interior design and its LSD like paintings. Moreover, this Uv bar offers great nightlife Goa visitors can experience while in there.


8. Chronicle Goa on Ozran Beach Raod

Pubs in Goa - Chronicle Goa is Where Where Famous DJs Perform Here Regularly

Chronicle is another one of nice bars in Goa. This place is the most happening bar in Goa. The nice beachside atmosphere is perfect for sipping on your drink. Also, famous DJs perform here regularly as well. Make sure to try their happy offers since they offer some very good deals.


Locations for Good Nightlife in Goa

In order to find the best nightlife in Goa, victors and tourists must head to North part of the state near the beach side along the Anjuna & Arpora Villages as well as Candolim town where most of beach bars are located.

If you like to party in beach areas around Asia, try checking out the top beach bars in Bali. Indonesia, Bali in particular, has a good beach bar scene and their prices are relatively cheap. Make sure to visit bars in Bali to have a memorable time in South East Asia.

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