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Top Restaurants in Casablanca



Top Restaurants in Casablanca

Best Restaurants in Casablanca

Casablanca, one of Morocco’s tourist cities, has many traditional and international restaurants. In these unique restaurants in Casablanca you can enjoy the best local and international cuisine. Also, in some you can enjoy the beautiful ocean views. Morocco as a whole has a rich culture, and this rich culture has influenced Casablanca’s architecture and cuisine. In Casablanca, in addition to traditional cuisine, you can still enjoy dishes from around the world as well.

Also, when visiting this country you should check out the top souvenirs from Morocco as well. There are great merchandise and hand made items that you can buy from this country and bring back home. Most of the handicrafts represent diverse culture in Morocco influenced from Arabic and African cultures.


La Sqala near Mosquée Ould el-Hamra

Top Restaurants in Casablanca - La Sqala Was Founded in 2002 And is Located in The Old Medina

La Sqala is one of top restaurants in Casablanca. It was founded in 2002 and is located behind busy area of the old medina, near Mosquée Ould el-Hamra, in a fortified bastion built in the 17th century. This restaurant offers typical Moroccan cuisine with fresh, high-quality ingredients. Also, they provide visitors with Andalusian gardens and play local music in the background. Moreover, La Sqala is increasingly becoming a meeting location for both locals and foreigners who seek calm and sense of peace in this historic location of Medina in Casablanca.


Seoul Garden A Korean restaurant

Top Restaurants in Casablanca - Seoul Garden is in El Maarif Aarea which is also Very Close to Casa Port Train Station

Seoul Garden is one of handful Korean restaurants in Casablanca. You can find this eatery in El Maarif area which is also very close to Casa Port train station. Their famous dishes are Kimbap, Bibimbap and Toppoki which are crowd favorites. Even though this is a Korean restaurant, you cannot expect to get the same flavor as they offer in Seoul, South Korea. However, the dishes come as close as possible in terms of flavor to what you can call Korean cuisine.


Restaurant Al-Mounia near Mohammed V Square

Restaurant Al-Mounia is A stylish And Luxurious Restaurant - Top Restaurants in Casablanca

In this stylish and luxurious restaurant you can enjoy the best authentic Moroccan dishes. A variety of authentic Arabic dishes, appetizers, desserts and an unparalleled variety of salads can be found on the restaurant’s menu. The atmosphere of the restaurant is also very spectacular and attractive. The service of this restaurant is at a very high level and the geographical location of the restaurant in the city center, near Mohammed V Square, is one of the reasons for its popularity.


La Bavaroise Located on Rue Nichakra Rahal

La Bavaroise is located in A Beautiful And Warm Atmosphere - Top Restaurants in Casablanca

This restaurant is located in a beautiful and warm atmosphere, on Rue Nichakra Rahal, with attractive decoration and is the best place to eat classic French food. The restaurant menu is very detailed and you will find the best classic French dishes. The seafood and dessert menu is very impressive.


Le Riad at Rue Mohamed El Quori

Le Riad Provides Semi-Self Service Experience to its Visitors - Travel Guide Morocco

Le Riad is one of good restaurants in Casablanca that provides semi-self service experience to its visitors. The interior of this restaurant resembles ancient Arabic and Moroccan architecture. Therefore, in this traditional restaurant, you can enjoy the best local food in a warm and friendly environment. The menu of the restaurant is very simple and at the same time diverse. The price of the restaurant is very reasonable in comparison to the quality of the food. Moreover, you can find this restaurant in the Rue Mohammed El Quorri area.


Baba el ghanouj restaurant at Rue Normandie Quartier

Travel Guide Morocco - Baba el Ghanouj Restaurant Specializes in Cooking Real Lebanese Food

This restaurant is one of handful restaurants in Casablanca that specializes in cooking real Lebanese food. You can order very delicious dishes such as mixed grill, hummus, Muhamara as well as labneh in this eatery. The good thing about eating here is that their prices are very faire and reasonable. The EL GHANOUJ restaurant location is at 113 Rue Normandie Quartier.


La poêle du chef near Racine Area

Top Restaurants in Casablanca - La poêle du chef Serves Only Italian Dishes

La poêle du chef is also famous as Parmigiano since it serves only Italian dishes. Parmigiano is one of new and contemporary restaurants in Casablanca serving great Italian cuisine. This eatery is good for trying high quality pizza, pasta, Italian cakes and wines. To experience amazing food with reasonable price tag head to La poêle du chef near Racine area.

Update: This restaurant has changed its name to Urban Steakhouse by Chef Simo.

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