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5 Cheap Places to Eat in London



5 Cheap Places to Eat in London

5 Cheap Places to Eat in London

London as a big city attracts a lot of visitors and tourists. Finding food at reasonable price can be slightly difficult for people who are new to this town. Apart from McDonald’s and other well-known fast food chains, there are other local eateries. Here are a list of some of the cheap eats you can find around the city.



1. Hiba Express

Hiba Express is busy restaurant in High Holborn. This restaurant serves up a considerable of Lebanese/Palestinian soups and salads, as well as, hot and cold mezzes, and traditional dishes. The lunch meal deals starts from £6.25.

The most popular dish here is Falafel – hot, crispy, and vibrant green on the inside which is really tasty. Additionally, Hiba Express’ meal deals get you a wrap, potato chips or salad and a soft drink. Also, don’t forget to about garlic mayo before you leave this place.

Wraps prices alone start from £4.75. Their fillings include spicy lamb sausages, mixed shwarma, grilled halloumi cheese as well as sauteed potato cubes with garlic and coriander. Interestingly, about half of their menu is vegetarian, vegan or gluten-free so visitors will have many of options here.


Like many places around the world, Chinese street food is also popular in London. Chinese food ranges from dumplings and noodles to huge fried chicken patties . A popular Chinese dish is the Jian Bing – a Chinese version of a crepe that’s filled with tasty meat, and folded in front of your eyes.

The Jian Bing includes an egg, some spices, salad, as well as, peanut sauce, crispy wonton skins, chilli oil, fried dough. In addition, you can have extra Iberico pork for +£1.80 and cumin lamb or grilled miso chicken for +£1.

The portion is big. The wrap would not hold on one hand comfortably but easy enough to tear into with ease on the go. The Iberico pork is the star of the dish, and adds a meaty taste to this wrap. Surprisingly, the lamb and chicken wraps worth testing too.


The Little Sichuan, family owned business, serves home-made genuine sichuan food and can constantly be relied upon to bring flavour, spice and variety to the table.

Their lunch deal is brilliant value and is ready between 12 noon to 3pm in the evening Monday to Fridays. Popular dish is a South East Asian classic. A crispy skinned sweet duck with a large portion of egg fried rice in sesame oil. Other choices were kung pao chicken, salt and chilli crispy squid and mapo tofu with steamed rice, each for £6.99. Tasty noodle soup with chicken, pork or beef  are also available for £6.90.

4. Gul and Sepoy

For travelers who want something special as well as all of the traditional classics, this place offers exciting dishes.

The best dishes here are Pickled Kohlrabi with Goats Cheese and Kashmiri Lamb Rib Kabargah, Dahi-Ke-Kebab as well as tandoori dishes.

The average prices for popular dishes are between £6 to £10.

5. Roti Chai

Roti Chai is the fantastic place for a quick bite. It offers casual, canteen-like ambience. Also, Roti Chai is mostly visited by office goers and remains a favourite for tourists alike. In addition to their delicious Pooris, Papri Chaat, Samosas and Dhoklas, other popular dishes on their menu include their all-time popular Railway Mutton Curry and Tadka Daal.


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