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Best Flea Markets in Kentucky

Best Flea Markets in Kentucky

List of Flea Markets in Kentucky

Due to the historical past of Kentucky, there are many small and more significant flea markets in Kentucky selling quality vintage items from the distant past or providing great fresh produce for families and keeping them happy while shopping there. These markets are designed to make it easy for you to navigate around. You will be greeted with smiles and hospitable individuals, whether outdoors or indoors. Here are some of Kentucky’s most well-known flea markets worth a treasure-hunting trip.



Shelby County Flea Market in Simpsonville

Flea Markets in Kentucky - Shelby County Flea Market is located in Simpsonville

Shelby County Flea Market is one of the longest-running indoor flea markets in Kentucky, with over 200 vendors and 350 booths selling everything from clothes, shoes, antiques, electronics, fresh produce and everything in between. What makes this place unique are the hospitality of vendors, Mexican food courts and ample space for shoppers to walk around this fantastic place. The Shelby County Flea Market is open all year, every Saturday and Sunday, from 9 am to 5 pm.


Lexington Peddlers Mall in Lexington

Lexington Peddlers Mall, with over 8000 vendors, is one of the smaller indoor flea markets in Kentucky. Numerous items are available here waiting for a new home. The inventory here updates weekly and if you visit them on and off, you will encounter new merchandise in pristine conditions. The feeling here resembles a clean garage sale in that sometimes you can bargain for pricier items. The Lexington Peddlers Mall opens daily from 10 am to 8 pm.


Flea Land in Bowling Green

Flea Land is Found in Bowling Green - Outdoor Flea Markets in Kentucky

Bowling Green is good for treasure hunting and home to one of best Kentucky caverns, the Lost River Cave. The Flea Land in Bowling Green is among the best flea markets in Kentucky if you have great merchandise at a discounted price tag. The indoor market has around 300 booths spread across 85,000 square feet. You will primarily find antiques, new clothes, cosmetics and some collectibles in this market section. When you step outside, more items are waiting for you! Outside vendors sell everything from flowers to household items. Still, the main focus is on the collectibles, and you sometimes get more fair deals for these antiques from these outdoor vendors.

The standard operating hours of the Flea Land market are from 9 am to 5 pm every Saturday and Sunday. Still, a small, specific antique mall operates from 10 am to 5 pm from Monday to Friday. It resumes again on the weekend at regular hours.


Derby Park Traders Circle in Shively

Derby Park Traders Circle in Shively has Ample Venders and Parking Spaces

Derby Park Traders Circle is located in Shively, near Churchill Downs, on land covering 58 hectares. There are markets here; one indoor with around 100 vendors and the outdoor one includes 600 vendors. This is an excellent spot for finding antiques, household items, local produce and much more at a bargain price; you need to walk around to find the right gems among the useless. As for the food, you are fully covered here! There is an excellent food court in building 3, with great snacks and delicious Mexican food at very affordable prices.



Traders Mall Flea Market in Paducah

Antique Markets in Kentucky - Traders Mall Flea Market in Paducah with a Dedicated Music Barn

Traders Mall Flea Market is another one of the old-school antique markets in Kentucky. This market is a perfect spot for those who are in Paducah. This mall is good for treasure hunters and those who want to come with family members to experience a lot more. Activities in this market include dining in the Traders Cafe, participating in annual events and dancing in the nearby music barn.

Leather crafts and handmade items are some of the most popular things in this market, but you still need to look around to find the more quality ones as some of them feel cheaply made. The Traders Mall Flea Market is open every Saturday and Sunday from 9 am to 5 pm. As for the Music Barn, they are accepting guests every Friday night.

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