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Best Suriname Tourist Attractions

Best Suriname Tourist Attractions

Famous Suriname Tourist Attractions

Suriname has many beauties and even today, despite only a few Suriname tourist attractions, this country is one of the most loved destinations in South America. Suriname is a small country in the north of South America, which is adjacent to Brazil, French Guiana and the Atlantic Ocean. The local rainforests and natural reserves comprise about 80% of this country.



Garden of Palms in Paramaribo

Garden of Palms is Another of Beautiful Natural Suriname Tourist Attractions in Paramaribo

Behind the presidential palace in the heart of Suriname lies a municipal park called Palmentuin. The park was recently totally renovated and is now one of Paramaribo’s most significant parks. The Gardens of Palms in Paramaribo hosts food and beverage stands during special occasions and holidays. You can either rest in the greenery here or cycle around the available tracks. Overall, Palmentuin or Gardens of Palms is the place to be for some quiet time. On the Palmentuin’s edge, there was recently built a new promenade called Wakapasi. Most items in this market are stalls, handcrafted goods, and catering businesses.


Presidential Palace near the The Independence Square

Presidential Palace is Located near the The Independence Square

This palace served as the governor of Suriname’s house during the colonial era and is now just a historical building that no one resides there. This building is stunning from the outside and close to Paramaribo; however, it cannot be seen from the inside. The Presidential Palace is unquestionably the most beautiful structure among Suriname tourist attractions, representing the colonial history of this nation.


Peperpot Nature Park in Meerzorg

Peperpot Nature Park is Suriname Nature Reserve in Meerzorg City

This park is suitable for walking and you can enjoy the sounds of many birds and monkeys. The diversity of plants is lovely too. In this section, a large cocoa farm can be seen, which is of interest to tourists. There are two entrances to the nature park. There is a new education center with a small museum, a souvenir shop and a small cafe for getting some light food and snacks. The Peperpot Nature Park is ideal for family fun with children.


Fort Zeelandia from Colonial Era

Fort Zeelandia is a Historical Bilding from the British Colonial Era

One of the most famous historical landmarks and Suriname tourist attractions is Fort Zeelandia. It is an ancient castle from the 18th century. This castle stands out because of its peculiar and magnificent design. This castle has pieces and a star-like shape. It is distinct, similar to a restaurant. This museum’s and the castle’s interiors have undergone restoration work. Many visitors find this historical site fascinating. A noteworthy attraction for travelers is this museum, which is housed in the castle’s historical and cultural section.


Brownsberg or Brownsberg Natuurpark

Brownsberg or Brownsberg Natuurpark is one of Magnificent Suriname Tourist Attractions

Brownsberg Nature Park is a protected area south of Paramaribo and one of the most popular Suriname tourist attractions. In this park, you can see the life of all kinds of birds, mammals and even armadillos. Inside, there are natural attractions like the Leo waterfall, and marked paths for hiking and several resting spots to relax and enjoy bird watching.


Saint-Peter-and-Paul Basilica of Paramaribo

Saint-Peter-and-Paul Basilica of Paramaribo with a Lovely Wooden Interior

The Basilica of Paramaribo is a wooden building with a lovely old structure. You can enter the large, gorgeous church wearing contemporary attire. The cathedral is the most extensive wooden building in South America. The church’s left wing is compact and has a lovely interior with numerous carvings. The church is open every day and gets lots of worshipers. If you want to take some photos, this structure is fantastic.


Galibi Reserve and Beach

Galibi Reserve and Beach has Breathtakingly Stunning Landscapes and a Place for Sea Turtles in Suriname

Galibi, which is in this republic’s eastern region and has a lot of natural reserves, is a vital part of the country’s natural reserves. A significant component of this area’s charm is its abundance of rivers and natural areas. Galibi has breathtakingly stunning landscapes. The presence of numerous species of sea turtles, many of which are pretty large and find this habitat to be an ideal location for egg-laying, is one of the natural Suriname tourist attractions. To get here, you must employ local travel tours and possess an admission permit before accessing this area. This location is ideal for adventurers seeking exciting recreational opportunities such as hiking and kayaking.

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