Famous Palawan Beaches

Famous Palawan Beaches

List of Beautiful Palawan Beaches

If you are a beachgoer and want to enjoy some quiet time with a few tourists, Palawan beaches should be on your travel list. Other than places to visit in Manila, which are located in the city premises, if you have time, make sure to visit the island of Palawan, which has many pristine beaches.



Long Beach in San Vicente Province

Long Beach in San Vicente Province with Length of 17 Kilometers - Famous Palawan Beaches

The most stunning beach in this area of Palawan is more remote than many other Palawan beaches since Long Beach in San Vicente is not well known among foreign tourists. Long Beach is a fantastic location for swimming and engaging in various sports. From the San Jose airport, you must take a bus to travel to Long Beach. Long Beach is free to visit. However, you must pay for equipment for beach activities like snorkeling.


Nagtabon Beach in Puerto Princesa City

Nagtabon Beach in Puerto Princesa City is a Secluded Beach with Rocky Background

Nagtabon is a stunning 8-kilometer-long beach with impeccably groomed white sands that is bordered by a line of tropical vegetation, offering a fantastic perspective. This beach lies in the gorgeous region of Palawan’s northwest city of Puerto Princesa, but you should be aware that there are few amenities there. Additionally, the entrance charge to Nagtabon Beach is only about 10 Pesos, making it essentially free of charge.


Banul Beach in Coron Municipality

Beautiful Palawan Beaches - Banul Beach in Coron Municipality with Turquoise Water

Banul Beach is a tiny but stunning beach. It is a superb beach with crystal blue water, making it one of the most gorgeous beaches in Palawan. Rocks covered with trees surround this beach and give it a unique view. To experience a different day on your trip to Palawan and enjoy being in a beautiful place, be sure to visit Banul Beach during your trip. The Banul Beach entrance fee is around $3 per person.


Pamuayan Beach in Port Barton

Beaches in Palawan  - Pamuayan Beach in Port Barton with a Beautiful Scenery

Another one of the secluded Palawan beaches is the Pamuayan Beach in Port Barton. This beautiful beach of one and a half kilometers with white sand and clear and calm water is excellent for a family day. Especially the fact that the shade of the trees has been extended to the beach and they have built eateries around it. Also, visit the nearby Pamuayan Falls, where you can enjoy beautiful scenery and water dipping. There is no entrance fee for entering Pamuayan beach.


Talaudyong Beach near Bacungan

Talaudyong Beach is Located near Bacungan with Attractive Brown Sands

This beautiful beach is the best place for swimming and sunbathing among the rest of Palawan beaches. Attractive brown sand, dense forest and calm water combine to make a perfect beach. In this part of the island, apart from the vendors, you will see very few natives and most of those who are here are tourists. There is no public transportation to go there and you have to rent a motorbike to get here but when you get there, you don’t need to pay any entrance fee.


Seven Commandos Beach in El Nido

Seven Commandos Beach in El Nido a Place to Do Snorkeling - Beautiful Palawan Beaches

Seven Commando Beach in the Philippines must be referred to as a piece of heaven due to its white sand, crystal clear water, and calm and quiet coconut trees that have grown near the beach. The magnificent beauty here makes it one of the best beaches in Palawan to take memorable photos. Some people contend that the name refers to an abandoned ship that was docked here during the Second World War, notwithstanding the name’s folklore that there were seven commandos trapped here. There is no entrance fee to use the facilities at this beach, and the only way to get there is by using neighborhood small boats.


Las Cabañas Beach Resort at Vanilla Beach

Las Cabañas Beach Resort at Vanilla Beach is an Amazing Place for Weddings

The closest beach to El Nido, which is currently one of the most well-liked Palawan beaches with foreign tourists, is the Las Cabañas Beach Resort at Vanilla Beach. One of the best things to do in Las Cabanas is to take gorgeous pictures of the breathtaking views of this beach from every angle, enjoy a delicious dinner at the resort restaurant nearby, and participate in water sports. To get here, you may take a local Tuk-Tuk from El Nino’s downtown for about $3.


Duli Beach in Barangay Bucana

Duli Beach in Barangay Bucana located in Davao City's Bucana Area with Clear Waters

Although a little challenging to reach, this beach is unquestionably worthwhile. It is a peaceful beach where there hasn’t been any development and where there aren’t any lodging options nearby, so you can enjoy the crystal-clear water and have a good time on the sandy beach. This beach is encircled by a tropical forest with lovely trees, adding to its charm. This location is highly recommended for surfers due to the large waves. The entrance charge at Duli Beach in Davao City’s Bucana area, 25 kilometers from El Nido, is $1.

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