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10 Best Opera Houses in the World

10 Best Opera Houses in the World

Famous Opera Houses in The World

This article explores the 10 best opera houses in the world, which are also some of the most famous opera houses in the entire globe. Opera House is culturally important, and every city needs to have at least one. Also, they are good tourist attractions. Most often, opera houses are historical as well as architectural buildings that are worth a visit. Here are some famous opera houses around the world that you need to see.


1. Prague State Opera in Czech Republic

Most Famous Opera Houses - Prague State Opera is in Operation Since Year 1888

Prague State Opera has been in operation since 1888 and has changed a lot through the years. At first, it was for the New German Theater, and then later, it became an opera house in 1992. However, this building is one of the most amazing places in the historic city of Prague.


2. The Metropolitan Opera in NYC in USA

Adventure Travel - The Metropolitan Opera is Located The USA And in Lincoln Center

You can find this opera in Lincoln Center, which also includes two theaters and a library. This house is not only famous for its classical performances but also for its creative shows. This opera is the largest center of classical music in the USA.


3. Sydney Opera House of Australia

Most Famous Opera Houses - Sydney Opera House is Located in Australia

The most famous symbol in the country is on every postcard representing the country. This opera house is a masterpiece of modern architecture. Its white shells bring tourists, who are curious to see the interior. Also, there are many events and exhibitions for tourists to watch out for.


4. La Scala in Milan, Italy

Most Famous Opera Houses - La Scala is Located in Italy and Has A Collection of Costumes And Paintings

The most skillful Italian masters designed this opera house, one of the world’s best opera houses. Its museum houses a collection of costumes, paintings, and drafts relating to the opera’s history.


5. Vienna State Opera in Austria

Best Opera Houses in the World - Vienna State Opera is Located in Asutria And One of Most Prestigious Operas

You can find this opera house in the center of the city, and it is beautiful on the inside as well as outside. Today here is among the most prestigious operas in the world.


6. Paris Opera in France

Best Opera Houses in the World - Paris Opera is Founded by Louis XIV in 1669

Founded by Louis XIV in 1669 is the most important opera in the whole of France. The main building, big orchestra as well as performances are not cheap. The yearly expenses reach 200 million euros to maintain the opera. However, you will definitely remember the experience your entire life.


7. Royal Opera House in London England

Best Opera Houses in the World - Royal Opera House is Located in England

You can attend the Royal Opera House in England. This unique opera house is among the most iconic and best opera houses in the world. Also, it is one of the most tourist-friendly destinations in London City.


8. Teatro Colón located in Buenos Aires Argentina

Adventure Travel - Teatro Colón is Located in Argentina And Very Famous For Many Great Performances

This opera house is said to have one of the greatest acoustics worldwide. A few architects have worked together to build this place. Therefore the architectural traits differ in terms of styles and design. Also, It is famous for its top artists and many great performances that keep the theater’s high standards.


9. Teatro di San Carlo in Naples Italy

Best Opera Houses in the World - Teatro di San Carlo Has The Oldest Auditorium Worldwide

This theater is the oldest working and one of the best opera houses in the world. Further, before La Scala, here was also the most important opera. Also, it has the oldest auditorium in the entire world. In fact, the horseshoe-shaped room here gives it unique acoustic qualities.


10. Bolshoi Theatre in Moscow Russia

Adventure Travel - Bolshoi Theatre is Located in Russia And HAs Seen War And Revolutions

Undoubtedly it is the most important building in Russia, which has seen revolutions, wars, and many fires. However, its luxury architecture and interiors give it a wonderful vibe for performances.

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