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10 Best Art Galleries Around the World



10 Best Art Galleries Around the World

Top Art Museums and Art Galleries in the World

There are many art museums worth visiting, however, we explore 10 best art galleries around the world that offer great artistic experience to enthusiasts. When visiting big cities, it is easy to fall into the idea that their art galleries are going to be impressive and worth spending your time inside, However,  this is not always the case. Hence, here you can find some of the best art galleries throughout the world.


1. Art Gallery of Ontario Canada

Art Museum - Art Gallery of Ontario in Canada Has Galleria Italia Sculpture

The Art Gallery of Ontario design uses vast amount of glass to increase the natural light inside the building. Furthermore, highlights of the design include the 600 foot long Galleria Italia sculpture promenade, the Walker Court spiral staircase as well as the Vivian & David Campbell Center for Contemporary Art. The Art Gallery of Ontario address is in the Grange Park neighborhood of Ontario and its ticket price is set at $25 for adults.


2. MAXXI Built by Zaha Hadid in Rome

10 Best Art Galleries Around the World - Maxxi is Located in Rome With Black And White Interior Design

Zaha Hadid designed this super modern MAXXI building. From the outside, the design of MAXXI is dramatic, crazy and memorizing. However, interior design is more complex. The black and white interior of MAXXI is what you can expect from elegance of modern Italian buildings. Maxxi museum tickets for adults are priced at €12 and  €5 for children.


3. Walker Art Centre close to Minneapolis Sculpture Garden

Walker Art Museum is Located in Minneapolis And it is Famous for Paintings

The Walker Art Centre is an icon in America’s art galleries. Also, Walker Art Centre is an art museum located in Minneapolis has become a world famous institution. This art galley is very close to Minneapolis Sculpture Garden. Also, it is good to know that walker art gallery tickets are set at $15 for adults for each visit.


4. SFMOMA in San Francisco USA

10 Best Art Galleries Around the World - SFMOMA is Famous For Modern And Contemporary Artworks

San Francisco Museum of Modern Art, SFMOMA, gallery is famous for being one of the leading modern and contemporary art galleries throughout the world. Also, SFMOMA gallery is iconic in both its architecture as well as its concept. SFMOMA tickets are currently priced at $25.


5. Palais de Tokyo near National Museum of Modern Art in Paris

Art Museum - Palais de Tokyo is Located in Paris And Has A Nice Architecture

Palais de Tokyo is a lively art museum in Paris that comes with a restaurant, a shop as well as a bookshop. The restaurant is located on the rooftop of the building and is an intimate space worth visiting for its architecture. This gallery is very close to National Museum of Modern Art.


6. Guggenheim Museum Bilbao in Bilbao, Spain

Art Museum - Guggenheim Museum Bilbao is Located in Bilbao of Spain

This gallery is one of Frank Gehry’s most amazing buildings. Since 1997, This gallery its gaining fame in northern Spain. Some of the designers call it the greatest building of our time and is a favorite of many architecture giants around the world. The Guggenheim Museum Bilbao location in Bilbao very close to Guggenheim tram stop.


7. Hauser & Wirth Located in Zürich

10 Best Art Galleries Around the World - Hauser & Wirth Offers Beautiful Artworks in Zürich

Hauser & Wirth is an art museum with beautiful artworks in Zürich. It is good to know that Hauser & Wirth is open since 1992 and has become a leading art gallery in the world. There are other Hauser & Wirth locations in countries like United States, United Kingdom, Spain and Monaco.


8. Netherlands Media Art Institute in Amsterdam

10 Best Art Galleries Around the World - Netherlands Media Art Institute Showcases Artwork From Artists

The Netherlands Media Art Institute showcases artwork from artists who use means by technological media. The institute has 4 exhibitions each year for international artists.

*Update: This gallery is no longer open to public.


9. Haunch of Venison in Berlin

10 Best Art Galleries Around the World - Haunch of Venison Available in New York And Berlin

You can find Haunch of Venison art museum in London, New York as well as Berlin. The gallery is more of a project space and exhibits work from both internationally famous and new artists.

*Update: This art gallery has been closed.


10. Whitechapel Gallery in East London

10 Best Art Galleries Around the World - Whitechapel Gallery is Located in East London

Whitechapel Gallery has is a big icon in cultural landscape of London. Also, this gallery has helped East London to be one of the most creative art locations in the globe. The location of Whitechapel is one the East side of London and the closes subway station to it is “Aldgate East”. Also, there is no entrance fee for Whitechapel art gallery.

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