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7 Best Bars in Kusadasi



7 Best Bars in Kusadasi‎

7 Best Bars in Kusadasi‎

Kusadasi nightlife can be great if you know where to go and go there with some friends. These here are 7 best bars in Kusadasi that offer great drinks and have good hosts making nightlife here very memorable.‎ There are many options to start your night out in this city. The nightlife here is one of the greatest in Turkey, and locals really welcoming tourists and join in the fun as well.



1. Limon Bar

7 Best Bars in Kusadasi‎ - Limon Bar is Located in Kaleici District And Good Place to Hang Out

You can find Limon Bar in the center of town in the “Kaleici” district. The name of this place is from the lemon trees that spread the real feel of the Mediterranean while you in the garden. It’s a great place to hang out since most of the crowd are tourists as well.


2. Roof

Turkey Travel Tips - Roof is Located in Atatürk Blv Offers Great Music And A Good View

This unique Roof bar, in Atatürk Blv, offers great view of the city below as well as the memorizing waterfront. You should visit here if you have a lazy afternoon to spare here. Also, The Roof bar is quiet and has great music as well. Staff here are really friendly and they speak good English too.


3. Orient Bar

7 Best Bars in Kusadasi‎ - Orient Bar is Located in Camikebir in Kışla Sk With Good Music

This Orient bar is the only place and also best bars in Kusadasi to listen good music. You can find Orient bar in Camikebir in Kışla Sk. It is one of the reasons to visit this city. Orient bar should be on your list for a sunny day drink and relaxation.


4. Sean’s Karaoke Bar

Kusadasi Nightlife - Sean's Karaoke Bar is Found in Kahramanlar Cd Offering Good Entertainment

If you are interested in having a good Kusadasi‎ nightlife, then try going to Sean’s Karaoke Bar in Kahramanlar Cd. They offer tasty food, good entertainment as well as friendly staff that treat you like family. Also, it’s one of the best bars for night drinking.


5. Martin’s Bar

7 Best Bars in Kusadasi‎ - Martin's Bar is Located Near Main Bazaar Area

You can find Martins Bar near Main Bazaar area. Martin’s Bar is Another one of fantastic bars in Kusadasi‎. Martin and its staff are great hosts as well. This bar feels very comfortable and very vibrant.


6. Deja Vu Cafe

Turkey Travel Tips - Deja Vu Cafe is Located Nearby Camikebir in Bahar Sk

Deja Vu Cafe is both café and bar which makes it suitable for having a great kusadasi nightlife. This bar is an awesome place to visit. Also, all staff are very friendly and helpful too. In addition, this bar is a good place if you are on a budget nearby Camikebir in Bahar Sk.


7. Charlie’s Place

Kusadasi Nightlife - Charlie's Place is Near Alacamescit in Kahramanlar Cd

You can find Charlie’s Place near Alacamescit in Kahramanlar Cd. Charlie’s Place is one of finest Irish bars in Kusadasi. This is a great place for fantastic food and drinks as well as quality time and a lot of fun. Also, here you can enjoy Karaoke, billiard, and good music.

If you are visiting these bars in Kusadaci, you might want to have something to eat before hand. Here are some the best restaurants in Kusadasi that you can get great quality Turkish as well as international food for a reasonable price.

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