5 Cheap Places to Eat in Singapore

5 Cheap Places to Eat in Singapore

Affordable and Cheap Places to Eat in Singapore

This article explores 5 cheap places to eat in Singapore and where tourists can find the best affordable restaurants in Singapore. This place is a business-minded country, so many expensive eateries are open to serve the rich business people. Also, this country has a vibrant culture of hawker food at very low prices. In fact, if you look a bit further, you can find shops selling cheap eats in Singapore style at a lower price than well-known restaurants.


1. Lau Pa Sat Market (Telok Ayer Market) Hawker Center

Cheap Eats Singapore - Lau Pa Sat Market (Telok Ayer Market) Houses Over 200 Food Stalls

Lau Pa Sat is the place to try all the many cheap eats Singapore offers. Also known as Telok Ayer Marke, it houses over 200 food stalls distributed along 8 hallways, all coming together at the central atrium, where the drinks stall dispenses refreshments such as water, beer as well as soft drinks.
Aside from the local dishes that you’ll get at every hawker center, such as Chinese, Malay, Indian, and “Western” food, Lau Pa Sat also houses small shops serving Japanese, Filipino, Korean, and Vietnamese. The food ranges somewhere between $4 to 11$. To get here, stop at Telok Ayer subway station. Then follow Cross Street and turn to Robinson Rd. After a few meters, you will see this hawker center.
*Update: there has been a major renovation here, adding to the cost of food prices. However, it is still considered by many as one of the top cheap places to eat in Singapore, especially for some local food offerings.


2. Zam Zam a Popular Indian Restaurant

5 Cheap Places to Eat in Singapore - Zam Zam A Good Place For Roti Prata, Murtabak & Nasi Biryani

Zam Zam is one of the best affordable and cheap places to eat in Singapore for some Halal Indian food. Founded in 1908, this restaurant is in a legendary spot that’s famous for serving Roti prata, murtabak, and Nasi biryani. They are Indian Muslims operating this place, so expect all Halal food in there. They also offer vegan and vegetarian options if you ask them. The space is big enough to dine inside, and there is a second floor if downstairs is crowded. The Zam Zam Restaurant is very close to Masjid Sultan, which is accessible by getting off at Bugis subway station and walking your way to Arab Street.


3. The Coconut Club Singapore Famous for Nasi Lemak

Best Affordable Restaurants in Singapore - The Coconut Club Singapore specializes in Nasi Lemak

Another one of the most affordable and cheap places to eat in Singapore is The Coconut Club. This restaurant specializes in Nasi Lemak, a favored local dish. They also provide another local sweet-flavored treat called Cendol. Their prices are relatively low, so you can visit and try this local dish whenever you pass them. It is good to know that the food tastes very local, and coconut milk is used in many of their dishes. They are very close to Sultan Mosque and Zam Zam restaurant.


4. Ya Kun Kaya Toast Good for Breakfast

Singapore Cheap Food - Ya Kun Kaya Toast is A Nice Place For Toast And Coffee

If you love Singapore’s cheap food options, then this place is for you. Also, if you like to get some toast and coffee, then this is your place to go. The Ya Kun Kaya Toast is a popular franchise. It is available in all the major streets and shopping malls across Singapore. Their specialty is toasted bread with a jam-like sweet, “kaya,” offered by coffee, “kopi,” for a reasonable price. As a result, for breakfast, Ya Kun Kaya Toast is one of the cheap places to eat in Singapore. Their menu item prices range from $2 to 7$.


5. Wee Nam Kee Hainanese Chicken Rice Restaurant

Singapore Cheap Food - Wee Nam Kee Hainanese Chicken Rice Restaurant Try Their Famous Steamed Chicken And Rice

This Singapore cheap food joint is a chained restaurant all over Asia. They specialize in serving steamed chicken and rice with unique flavors. The affordable price will surprise you, and there is a nostalgic feel to this restaurant which is unique. The menu is quite simple and will suit even the pickiest food lovers. You can find this chicken restaurant at United Square Shopping Mall.

After visiting the best affordable restaurants in Singapore, try some of the bars in Singapore for a good time out and a somewhat low price. These bars offer tasty cocktails as well as international alcoholic offerings that are also budget-friendly.


Singapore Cheap Food and its Affordable Restaurants

To find Singapore’s cheap food offerings, you do not need to go far. Even next to many residential areas and condominiums, there are nice food courts for tasty budget food. However, in the CBD area, it is advised to take a look at shopping malls and next to religious grounds. There you will find some good deals for breakfast and lunch.

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