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6 Most Affordable Cafes in Melbourne



6 Most Affordable Cafes in Melbourne

Budget Cafes in Melbourne

If you want to have some of the best coffee in Melbourne and not spend much money, you should definitely check out budget cafes in Melbourne. Most Melbourne locals really do love their coffee. Therefore, you don’t have to look very far to find a good cup of coffee. Even in the suburbs, there’s always a coffee shop around the corner. Have your coffee at one of these fantastic cafes in this city.



1. Dukes Coffee Roasters close to Flinders Street Railway Station

Australia Travel Tips - Dukes Coffee Roasters Where The Main Store is at Ross House on Flinders Lane

Dukes Coffee Roasters are an local based specialty coffee roasting company. They’re promising to offer the best beans as well as perfect roasting for consumers in Australia. Although their roastery and training buildings are in Richmond, their main store is at Ross House on Flinders Lane. Because of its location it is always busy with blue colors to get their cup of coffee to begin their day. It is one of the best cafes in Melbourne for tourists on a budget which is also very close to Flinders Street Railway Station on Flinders Lane.


2. Industry Beans in Fitzroy Area

6 Most Affordable Cafes in Melbourne - Industry Beans Offers 3 Main Coffee Blends

Industry Beans is a coffee roastery, cafe as well as a brew bar. They offer 3 main blends: Seasonal, Rose Street as well as Fitzroy Street. Recently, they introduced the Bubble Cup, which mixes coffee-soaked tapioca pearls with cold brew coffee.


3. Market Lane Coffee near Queen Victoria Market

6 Most Affordable Cafes in Melbourne - Market Lane Coffee Has Locations in CBD

Market Lane Coffee is really a local favorite serving top quality some of best coffee in Melbourne city. You can find this coffee roastery is at Prahran Market. However they have other branches around the town. Other locations are at Therry Street, Queen Victoria Market as well as Collins Street in the CBD, South Melbourne.


4. Code Black Coffee Roasters located All Across The City

Best Coffee in Melbourne - Code Black Coffee Roasters Also Has Lunch Menu

If you ask true coffee lovers where to go for the real thing, they will direct you to Code Black. They get their beans from countries such as Ethiopia, Colombia, Guatemala, Honduras as well as Brazil. You can try their coffee and their delicious lunch menu. Code Black Coffee Roasters is truly famous as one of best cafes in Melbourne area.


5. Everyday Coffee in East End & Collingwood

Best Coffee in Melbourne - Everyday Coffee Has 2 Branches Over The City

Everyday Coffee has 2 branches over the city. The Collingwood is open all year around serving some of the best coffee in Melbourne. What all of these locations have in common is fantastic brew and excellent pastries. Also, Everyday offers filter and espresso coffee as well, which you can buy online.


6. Seven Seeds near Melbourne Business School

Australia Travel Tips - Seven Seeds Offers Locations in Carlton As Well As CBD

Seven Seeds is a cafe, roaster as well as a coffee retailer and one of best cafes in Melbourne. Their branches are in Carlton as well as in the CBD. The coffee beans here, depending on the season, rotates all year round. Seven Seeds serves up some of the best coffee in Melbourne to locals and tourists. Also, you can see many university students coming here because this cafe is located very close to Melbourne Business School on Berkeley Street.
If you still want to maintain your budget for traveling around Melbourne, you really need to have a look at cheap eats in Melbourne. These restaurants offer great quality food as well as cheap lunch deals that will you save you quite some money.


Best Coffee in Melbourne

Melbourne is the coffee capital of Australia. The coffee shops of this city also serve the best and most famous coffees in the world. Australians love coffee a lot but the mostly try the CBD area for Best Coffee in Melbourne when they visit this city. However, different coffee shops in Melbourne serve different coffees according to their customers which you really need to try them to find out the ones that suit you the most.

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