5 Best Bars in London City

5 Best Bars in London City

Top Bars in London

There are many London pubs for locals and tourists to enjoy in England’s capital city. Among them, this article explores 5 best bars in London City that exceed expectations. The drinking scene in London is one of the best in the world. You can get cocktail bars as well as traditional London pubs if you want to have a drink in the old-fashioned way. Here you can find some of the best London pubs and bars on your next trip.


1. Dukes London near St James’s Palace

Best Bars in London - DUKES LONDON is The Best Place For Martini Fans in The City

Dukes London is one of the best bars in London, located near St James’s Palace. This place is very famous for Martini fans who like to drink unique cocktails here. Also, Dukes London has antique decoration, with patterned carpets, low chairs as well as velvet curtains. In fact, Dukes London is very famous for having professionally dressed barmen who create perfect drinks from one-of-a-kind spirits. These individuals are truly talented in cocktail mixing art.


2. Happiness Forgets close to Hoxton Square

London Pub - Happiness Forgets is Where to See Working Class And Posh People

This basement bar is a London pub that is also a favorite among liquor fans, very close to Hoxton Square. Happiness Forgets Pub is where you can find working class as well as posh people here, which is really interesting. The drinks here are the hardest liquor, and all that matters here is the ambiance in Happiness Forgets pub.


3. Bussey Rooftop Bar in Peckham

Rooftop Pub - Bussey Rooftop Bar Offers A Nice View of The City With Flora Design

Bussey Rooftop Bar is one of the best rooftop bars in London to offer to tourists. In Bussey Rooftop Bar, you can enjoy the view of London city and enjoy the beautiful decoration inside. It is good to know that Bussey Rooftop Bar uses wooden pillars that have real pink flowers growing on them, giving Bussey Rooftop Bar a unique and lively feel. This rooftop bar is in Peckham and very close to Copeland Park & Bussey Building.


4. The Bar with No Name near Islington Green Park

Best Bars in London - The Bar with No Name is Located Near 69 Colebrooke Row

You can find The Bar with No Name near 69 Colebrooke Row, which also is synonymous with the street name. In fact, The Bar with No Name is one of the best bars in London for high-end cocktails. This corner bar, near Islington Green Park, at 69 Colebrooke Row, is famous for its creative cocktails and design. Also, movie lovers will love the atmosphere and design here, reminding them of some famous films.


5. The Mayor of Scaredy Cat Town near Liverpool Street Station

London Pub - The Mayor of Scaredy Cat Town Resembles Old City And HAs Darker Tone

This London pub offers a good vibe and a wide range of cocktails, from Rosie and Gin to the Linchberg-Leith Lemonade. The interior design here resembles old London City and has a darker tone. You can get very nice cocktails as well as craft beer in The Mayor of Scaredy Cat Town London pub. The location is at 12-16 Artillery Ln, very close to Liverpool Street Station.

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Traditional and Old London Pubs

The old-school London pubs are some of the places where you would see them in movies and are true cultural points of British culture. When it comes to drinking some good ales nice beers as well as some English pub food, there is no other better place than visiting any of these bars in London mentioned here.


The Lamb & Flag, Covent Garden near Covent Gardens Station

The Lamb & Flag, Covent Garden Opened in 1772 Located at 33 Rose Street

The Lamb & Flag is one such London pub with a rich history behind it. This bar opened in 1772 and since then has been where famous individuals used to drink and where bare-knuckle fighting tournaments took place. The Scottish eggs are something you should definitely try here. To get here, get off at Covent Gardens subway station and then head to 33 Rose Street.


The Royal Oak close to Columbia Road Flower Market

The Royal Oak Opened in 1923 and Very Close to Columbia Road Flower Market

Opened in 1923, this pub has served amazing beer and some tasty grubs to the local community. They are one of the London bars in East London that is very close to Columbia Road Flower Market. Another good thing is that the interior is old-fashioned and the staff are lovely and friendly.

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