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6 Local Dishes to Try When in Cape Town



6 Local Dishes to Try When in Cape Town

6 Local Dishes to Try When in Cape Town

Cape Town is a multi-cultural city and you can see that in many Cape Town food and cuisines. Here are 6 local dishes to try when in Cape Town as a tourist. The food here is difficult to be called fully authentic since there was a mixture with another culture once in the past. However, these dishes here are the ones you can only get in Cape Town and no other place in the world.




6 Local Dishes to Try When in Cape Town - Braai Includes Boerewors A Local Sausage

Braai is a Afrikaans word which relate to the town’s traditional barbecue. Braais is a favorite Cape Town food that comes with lots of meat cooked at backyards. Most braais include boerewors which is a local spiced sausage, as well as beef, pork or lamb chops. In some places like Mzoli’s in Guguletu, you can get the meat of your choice and let the chefs cook it in front of you.



South Africa Travel Tips - Bobotie is Sweet And Sour That Has A Hint of Spice

Bobotie has a Malay origin that comes with minced beef with a custard of milk and eggs on top. This dish has a distinct smell that comes from the spices and dried fruit inside. Bobotie is sweet and sour that has a hint of spice.



South Africa Travel Tips - Gatsby Has A Lot of Fillings Like Meats And Sauces

Gatsby is a large sandwich that comes with a lot of fillings like meats, sauces, potato chips. The good thing about it is that it costs cheap, Due to its large size, it is not possible to finish the entire sandwich at one go. Moreover, the meat in this sandwich is not from high grade meat. Therefore, only places like Bona Fast Food, Cosy Corner as well as The Golden Dish sell this sandwich.


Biltong and Droëwors

Cape Town Food Guide - Biltong and Droëwors Are Cure Meats And Dried Sausages

Droëwors and Biltong are dried Cape Town food in form of meats with a special blend of spices. Biltong is a cured and dried meat where Droëwors is just a dried sausage. You can find both of them in all supermarkets as well as some pubs, bars, and restaurants.


Traditional Desserts

Cape Town Food Guide - Traditional Desserts Include Malva Pudding And Milk Tart

The famous desserts here are malva pudding, Milk tart as well as koeksisters. You can find these sweets in most bakeries and supermarkets. Some restaurants also sell them on the side.


Bunny Chow

Cape Town Food Guide - Bunny Chow is Bread Filled With Curry And Meat

Bunny Chow is a classic South African meal as well as a favorite Cape Town food with Indian influence. It is basically half a loaf of hollowed out bread which then filled with curry and meat. The meat is usually chicken or beef. The advice here is to get this one from local cheap restaurant and not trying in the gourmet version.

Also, try visiting other oarts of Africa as this continent is versatile in culture and food. One of the countries for good food is Tanzania. therefore, you really should consider trying most delicious food in Tanzania when in this country. The flavors differ from the neighboring countries as well.

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