Best Bars in Sofia

Best bars in Sofia

List of Bars in Sofia

Tourists love to have a few drinks in Bulgaria, and this article focuses on the best bars in Sofia. The Bulgarian capital, Sofia, is a busy metropolis where the influences of Eastern and Western Europe come together. The Balkan city offers stunning architecture and great cultural events to visitors. There are cheap and expensive bars in Sofia available all over the city for tourists and local visitors. Many of these pubs are located in the center of the city and have ease of access because, in recent years, the city has improved its metro and public transport system in order for foreign travelers to be able to move around the city with more ease and less of a hassle.



French 75 near Regional History Museum Sofia

Best Bars in Sofia - French 75 Provides Champagne And Cocktails With The Same Naming

The French 75, on Serdika Street, is one of the best bars in Sofia. It takes its name from champagne and cocktails based on the same name. This nice bar is decorated with exposed brick walls, stripped wooden furniture, stools, and comfortable sofas in the rooms. Mix with a classy and frequent crowd who come here often and try the famous “75 French” or other tasty drinks.

If you enjoy some mild day drinking and visiting historic sites, then you can also visit beautiful attractions in Sofia city and enjoy a great time roaming these marvelous sites. Most of the attractions in this city are historical, but there are still many natural places and parks where tourists can hang around and enjoy a peaceful time. Also, most of the places require some sort of local tour guide because there is not much information provided on the history of these spots.


Raketa Rakia Bar Opposite Park “Zaimov”

Best Bars in Sofia - Raketa Rakia Bar is A Sofia bar That Offers A Special Rakia

Just across the road from the beautiful Zaimov Sofia Park, you’ll find the Raketa Rakia Bar. This Sofia bar is a special place that offers Rakia, a fermented fruit brandy, Bulgaria’s unofficial national drink. Other than good drinks, Raketa has a varied menu of hearty meals that offer a variety of flavors. Also, there are plenty of soft drinks and spirits for your liking to enjoy in this exotic environment.


The Egg Bar Close to Serdika Metro Station

Bulgaria travel tips - The Egg Bar Offers A Wide Range of Craft Beers From All Over The World

Egg Bar is a Sofia bar that offers beer professionals a wide range of craft beers from around the globe. Just a minute’s walk from a corner building on Solitude Street, this typical bar offers just a few tables on the ground floor and a few more on the first floor. Look for their happy hour, and if you visit it in the winter, try to taste their creamy wine and their traditional Bulgarian boiled rakia.


DaDa Cultural Bar on Georgi Benkovski Street

Travel Guide Bulgaria - DaDa Cultural Bar is One of the best Sofia bars in town

Moreover, if you want to have a drink with interesting and cultured people, try the DaDa Culture Bar. It is one of the nicest Sofia bars for all walks of life. The club hosts art and cultural events, exhibitions, book screenings, live concerts, movie screenings, and theater nights. Be sure to try their homemade rum, or if you’re looking for something more appealing, their Bailey-flavored cocktails are also tasty. Also, they offer a great variety of craft beers.


Hambara near St. Partriarch Euthymius Metro Station

Hambara a Nice Calm Bar Located Near St. Partriarch Euthymius Metro Station

Hambara is one of the more quirky bars in Sofia in which there is no electricity, and the place is lit using candles, only giving a different and cozy atmosphere in comparison to the rest of the more hectic local bars. Located on 6-ti Septemvri Street and very close to Sveti Sedmochislenitsi attraction and accessible from St. Patriarch Euthymius metro station, this is a good bar, especially for those who are on a romantic date and want some calm place to talk to each other. The prices for the drinks are well balanced as well.

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