The Best Places in Ibiza to Visit

The best places in Ibiza to visit

List of Best Places in Ibiza

Tourists can find the most famous, most scenic, the most beautiful, and the best places in Ibiza to visit all year round. Although the island is relatively small in size, it has many attractions. The Island of Ibiza is mostly famous for having a great night out, but there are many activities that tourists and travelers do during the day. Below are a few such tourist attractions and the best places to visit in Ibiza.

If you are traveling to Spain, make sure to visit other parts of the country and observe the best attractions in Spain firsthand. This beautiful country, other than the famous best places on the island of Ibiza, has a lot more to offer to both old and young travelers.



Cala Llenya Surrounded by Pine Trees

The Best Places in Ibiza to Visit - Cala Llenya A Place With Lush Pine Trees

If you hope to find one of the best places in Ibiza for some quiet time, Cala Llenya is the place to be. The beach is 10 minutes away from San Carlos, and this island is sparsely populated. Cala Llenya is surrounded by lush pine trees. Beach volleyball is popular here, and many families are attracted to the quiet atmosphere in the area. If you go there on a Sunday, you should visit the Cala LLenya markets before heading to the beach.


Playa d’en Bossa with Beautiful Scenary

The Best Places in Ibiza to Visit - Playa d’en Bossa A Good Place For Night Life

Many people who come to Ibiza visit its beautiful beach resorts. Probably, Playa d’en Bossa is one of the best places in Ibiza when it comes to scenery and trabquility. This great beach resort is perfect for those who want to spend their vacation on the beach. Also, this beach is the longest beach on the island. If you come to spend the night in this area and have a good night’s party, then Playa d’en Bossa is an ideal area. Many cafes are open late at night, some of which are located right on the beach.


Santa Eulalia del Rio for Day Walks

The Best Places in Ibiza to Visit - Santa Eulalia del Rio A Busy Pat of The Island

Santa Eulalia del Rio is a busy place in Ibiza, located on the island’s east coast. It is a short distance from the main airport to Ibiza, and it is a place for those who want to try the culture and food of the region. One of the features of the area is its beautiful tourist attraction sights along the beach. The beach has a lot of palm trees, and it is suitable for walking for miles along the sea. On this beach, you can also go shopping and have fun at night.


Cala Llonga a Family-Friendly Beach

The Best Places in Ibiza to Visit - Cala Llonga With Beautiful White Sandy Beach

Frequent travel to Cala Llonga, with its large white sandy beach, beautiful bay, and pine-covered hills, is a must. This is probably one of the best places in Ibiza if you are looking for a family-friendly environment where you can see many families and children. The main beach has a playground and a miniature amusement park to entertain kids on holiday. Cala Llonga is only 10 minutes from Ibiza, so you can easily get away from the beach and discover its historical attractions.


Sant Josep de sa Talaia Fishing Village

What to Do in Spain - Sant Josep de sa Talaia Located on Southwest of The Island

If you are eager to see different sides of the island of Ibiza, then you need to visit Sant Josep de sa Talaia. This place is located to the southwest of the island, where you can find some of the most spectacular areas of Ibiza. Salines Natural Park and Vendranell Natural Forest are two of the most prominent areas here. However, you are also close to dormant volcanoes and beaches. At Cala Comte, you can relax on the sandy shoreline or visit one of the local dairies in the area. This area is suitable for nature lovers of the island.


Sant Antoni de Portmany for Night Walks

What to Do in Spain - Sant Antoni de Portmany Has A Lot of Cafes And Bars

San Antonio is the largest district in Ibiza. This large area is among the best places in Ibiza for a night out when the sky is clear. Also, there is no shortage of places to dance and party until the early morning hours. You can visit cafes and bars at sunset and watch the sun slowly fade. Then, you can head west to its many nightclubs. If you do not want to go out at night, you can enjoy walking on the beach during the day and see beautiful areas like Passeig de ses Fonts.


Es Vedra a Seculuded Island

What to Do in Spain - Es Vedra A Magnetic Island Recited in Homer's Odyssey

One of the best places in Ibiza is ES Vedra if you are on a journey through a secluded island. This area is located on the west coast of Cala d’Hort. ES Vedra is completely uninhabited and full of mysteries, legends, and ethnic traditions. Legend has it that Es Vedra is associated with Tanit, the Phoenician moon goddess. The island is also the point where the sirens try to deceive Odysseus from his ship in Homer’s Odyssey.

The ES Vedra is said to be extremely magnetic because it is located behind the North Pole and the Bermuda Triangle. Sightseeing in this area makes you see the beautiful scenery which is available throughout the place.


Portinatx with Beautiful Sandy Beaches

Spain Travel Tips - Portinatx A Great Location With a Bustling Vibe

It is located on the north coast of Portinatx Island, which has a bustling vibe with three spectacular beaches. Its largest beach is the sandy beach of S’Arenal Gros, and the other two islands are slightly more private.

The more secluded islands are S’Arenal Petit and Playa Porto. All three islands have lifeguards, shops, and sun beds. While you can relax on the beach sand, Portinatx is also famous for its diving locations. This beach area is one of the best places in Ibiza for families and is an ideal place for a walk on the beach. The best part is that most of the hotels are close to the beach, so you can reach them quickly from the beach.


Es Canar Village in Santa Eulària des Riu

Spain Travel Tips - Es Canar A Place With Hippie Market, And Surfing Locations

Es Canar is a beach on the east side of the island and one of the best places in Ibiza for taking a stroll. This beach is best known for its hippie markets; however, it has many other sights as well. Es Canar is made up of pine forests and sandy beaches with great views. This area is a dream location for those who enjoy outdoor recreation because it has unlimited opportunities, such as surfing and parachuting.

Of course, it is better to attend the famous hippie market. This market is held every Wednesday. Moreover, this local market is great for buying local handicrafts and souvenirs.


City of Ibiza with its Beautiful Harbor

Spain Travel Tips - City of Ibiza The Largest And Most Beautiful Part of The Place

The well-known port city is the largest and most beautiful spot on the island. The area overlooks the Mediterranean Sea and has a castle wall and cobbled streets. The locals call this city ‘Eivissa.’ Ibiza is divided into two parts: Dalt Vila and Eixample. You can find Dalt Vila on the hills near the seawater, and it is an old town. Moreover, this historic area has world-class restaurants and great bars.

Below Dalt Vila, you will see the Eixample, where newer buildings make this area even more beautiful. Also, you should visit the Cathedral of Our Lady of the Snows. This is the best spot to see the whole city from.

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