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Top Art Museums Milwaukee Offers

Top Art Museums in Milwaukee

List of Art Museums Milwaukee

Milwaukee is a famous American city. There are tourist attractions that make traveling here very attractive. The art museums in Milwaukee are some of the main sights of this city. There are other beauties in this city that truly shine in winter times.


Milwaukee Art Museum

Top Art Museums in Milwaukee - Milwaukee Art Museum Was Opened in May 2011

The Milwaukee Art Museum, also known as the MAM, is one of the most beautiful museums in Milwaukee. Opened in May 2011, the museum features a collection of works by American artists in various fields, including painting, design, sculpture, interior design, and decoration. Undoubtedly, the Milwaukee Museum of Art is one of the most prominent architectural works of Santiago Calatrava and is a diverse and complex combination of architecture and structure. In this building, in addition to wavy and movable roofs, there is a beautiful suspension bridge and creative lighting.


Villa Terrace Decorative Arts Museum

Villa Terrace Decorative Arts Museum is An Italian Mansion - What To Do in USA

The Villa Terrace Museum of Decorative Arts is an Italian mansion on the shores of Lake Michigan in Milwaukee, Wisconsin, preserved as a historic home and a rotating array of contemporary and historical exhibits.


Charles Allis Art Museum at East Royall Place

Charles Allis Art Museum is Suitable for Historians And Art Collectors - Top Art Museums in Milwaukee

Charles Allis Art Museum is another one of the art museums Milwaukee offers to historians and art collectors. It houses some of the nicest ceramics and artifacts gathered by Charles Allis himself. This beautiful boutique museum has been operational since its full completion in 1998. Located on Prospect Ave, near McKinley Park, this magnificent building is suited for art enthusiasts and those who want to book their wedding or private events there too.

The Charles Allis Art Museum tickets are, at the moment, priced at $10 for adults and free of charge for children. If you use public buses to arrive here, take bus numbers 30 or 30x, stop at either Royall Place or Prospect Avenue, depending on your route, and walk across the block to get here. For those traveling from the west side of the town, you can take bus number 21, stop at “North & Cambridge” station and then walk your way here.


Haggerty Museum of Art at Marquette University

Top Art Museums in Milwaukee - Haggerty Museum of Art Belongs to Marquette University

Haggerty Museum of Art is another one of the older art museums in Milwaukee, which opened in 1984. The collections you can see here are part of new, recurring, and permanent exhibitions. They showcase many amazing artifacts and artworks from around the world. In fact, this art-house belongs to Marquette University and hopes to educate art undergraduates to broaden their perspective on modern and historical arts.

The opening hours for the Haggerty Museum of Art are from 10 am to 4:30 pm. If you are driving your personal vehicle to get here, you can park your car in Marquette University’s Lot J, which is located between Wisconsin Avenue and Clybourn Street.


The Warehouse near Menomonee River

What To Do in USA - The Warehouse is Located in Guardian Fine Art Services Storage Facility

When you are in the Guardian Fine Art Services Storage facility, you can head to the famous Warehouse. This art gallery is famous for showcasing amazing art from local and up-and-coming painters and sculptors. The exact location of this art gallery is on the ground floor of this building. Also, this gallery has been providing art enthusiasts with great artwork since 1924. Admission here is free of charge, and visitors need to enter from the East Entrance door. The Warehouse is near Menomonee River and accessible by bus numbers 14 and PR3, which stop at the “N16 & Stpaul” bus stop.

Other cities in the United States, like Boston, are favored by people who value arts and have an artistic sense. Some of the museums of Boston are actually world-famous, and this city is, other than sports, great for visiting very interesting museums.

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