A Guide to Split Beaches in Croatia

A Tourist Guide to Split Beaches in Croatia

Best Split Beaches in Croatia

Split beaches in Croatia are very beautiful, and many are eager to visit them because they are crystal clear and shine beautifully in the sun. There is a good vibe available on these beautiful beaches, and the smell of green pine trees will definitely entice you there. You can sense indescribable peace and feel like you are in paradise here. You can choose from any Split beaches that will suit your needs. It is because no beach is the same and does not have the same feel and characteristics.


Bacvice Beach with Amazing Nightlife

A Tourist Guide to Split Beaches in Croatia - Bacvice Beach Has A Unique And Positive Feel

Bacvice Beach is a famous and most popular beach amongst Split beaches. This beach has a unique and positive feel because you can see people take sunbathe all year round and throughout all four seasons. It is the only sandy beach in the city of Split. The soft sands here are suitable for many activities, such as playing volleyball, running as well as walking. This beach is normally crowded, and having full privacy is a bit difficult.

Therefore, if you want to stay in a quiet place, you need to avoid going to Bačvice beach. It is interesting to know that the most popular game on this special beach is ‘Picigin.’ This is a traditional game with a small ball that you must always hit with your hand, but the ball must not fall into the sea so the game can continue. Bačvice is always open and has an active nightlife area with many beach bars available here.

Kasjuni Beach with Lush Greenery

Kasjuni Beach is An Attractive Bathing Destination - A Tourist Guide to Split Beaches in Croatia

Kašjuni Beach is an attractive bathing destination located in an idyllic environment of lush greenery. Also, it is more peaceful than other Split beaches. The feel of Kašjuni Beach is comparable to the soothing ambiance of Bene Beach. You can reach Kasjuni Beach by car, bus, or on foot. This beach is special because it has both sandy and rocky sides to it. The sandy part is on the south side, and the rocky is available on the west side. Moreover, Kašjuni Beach is popular among locals, tourists, families as well as young adults. As for the amenities, there is also a coffee house on the beach, parking, showers, locker rooms, and toilets are also available here.


Žnjan A Famous Spot for Sunbathing

A Tourist Guide to Split Beaches in Croatia - Žnjan is Where You Can Enjoy The Sun And Have Some Fun

Žnjan is one of the Split beaches where every person can enjoy the sun and have fun. The beach is usually full of people and very busy throughout the day, especially in the afternoon. The main reason for the big crowd is the free parking spaces where you can leave your car without paying. The parking lots are located right next to the beach and are full of spots.

Also, Žnjan has a lot of good pubs and bars on the beach with nice music playing in them. It is good to know that Žnjan has a section that is suitable for people with disabilities. Also, there is an amusement park here where you can play volleyball, ride jet skis and pedal boats, as well as jump on a trampoline. These equipment are suitable for all age groups.


Firule Beach Best for Picigin Competitions

Firule Beach is About 250 Meters Long And Has Picigin Competition - What To Do in Croatia

This is a famous sandy beach in Split. It is located in the bay of the same name and is about 250 meters long. It is one of the two most famous Split beaches where a picnic competition is happening other than Bačvice beach. The beach gets populated with people who like to come here and take sunbathe during summer days. Also, in the winter season, same at Bačvice Beach, you can visit to play picking here.


Kupalište Bene near Coast of Marjan

What To Do in Croatia - Kupalište Bene is Located on The Coast of Marjan And is Suitable For Families

Bene Beach is located on the coast of Marjan. Kupalište Bene is certainly one of the most popular coastlines amongst Split beaches. It is because of its long walking area and the large amenities. The beach has concrete plateaus arranged for easier sea access for swimmers and kayakers. The good thing about here is even though it is rocky, there is a lot of natural shade here from its dense pine forest. Right next to the beach, you can see a restaurant that offers great food and local cuisine. This is a great place for an all-day vacation for all family members.

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