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Best Daytona Beach Attractions

Best Daytona Beach Attractions

List of the Most Famous Daytona Beach Attractions

Home of NASCAR’s Daytona 500, people travel to this part of Florida to enjoy the most famous Daytona Beach attractions and walk along the famous beach. This city is not very expensive to visit, and many of the hotels in Daytona Beach are very affordable. Even though few people reside here, living expenses are cheaper than in Miami. Here is a list of the most popular Daytona Beach attractions you can see throughout the year.



What is Daytona Beach Known for Exactly?

Daytona Beach is found on the east coast of Central Florida, in Volusia County. It is known globally for its famous beach and racing track of the Daytona 500. Relative to other places in Florida, it is cheap to visit this beach town, and there are enough places to visit in Daytona Beach to keep all family members busy. Even though this is a beach town in Florida, in wintertime, it gets cold. Therefore, have proper clothes with you if you travel here at that time of the year.

Daytona International Speedway Car Racing Track

The famous Daytona International Speedway Car Racing Track - One of the Daytona Beach Attractions for Adults

The Daytona International Speedway is the most iconic of the Daytona Beach attractions for adults. Super popular with NASCAR and Motorcycle DAYTONA 200 fans, this race track opened in 1953 with a 2.5-mile race track. Over the years, this track has hosted some of the most famous events in racing history, including the ones the Rolex brand sponsored. The major upgrade to this track came about in 2013 with a significant expansion to the track size, installments of luxury suits for spectators, and the addition of more amenities for visitors’ comfort. There is no fixed ticket pricing. You need to get updated information from the ticket Central for each event and tour available that season.


Museum of Arts & Sciences on South Nova Road

The Museum of Arts & Sciences Located on South Nova Road - Things to See in Florida

The Museum of Arts & Sciences was opened to the public in 1955. At first, this museum was just a small place showcasing local arts and the heritage of the community. However, over the years, new additions have been added to the place, expanding both the building and the exhibitions. Some of the additional art shows that have been added over the years include historical excavation findings, Cuban and Chinese cultural and family exhibitions, regional art and a children’s museum, and several one-time exhibitions in the West Wings Hall.

The admission and ticket pricing for the Museum of Arts is around $20 per adult and half that for each child. If you want to explore the science section, an additional $7 needs to be paid.


Daytona Lagoon Amusement Park on Earl Street

Daytona Lagoon Amusement Park Located on Earl Street - Places to Visit in Daytona Beach with Families and Kids

Daytona Lagoon is a fantastic place with two main parks; one is for those who love to enjoy the water, and the other, Fun Park, is for those who want to play in the arcade. What makes this amusement park one of the greatest Daytona Beach attractions for families is that the water park rides are designed to accommodate both adults and children, and they are too extreme. Also, the availability of go-karts, arcades, and mini-golf in the fun park adds to its charm. When hungry, you can eat at several restaurants on the second floor of the Fun Park, serving pizzas, ice cream, grilled seafood, and alcoholic beverages.

The ticket prices change according to the day of your visit, starting from $45 for any day of the week to $50 for weekends for adults and children. It is good to know that the prices are about %15 lower for Florida residents and children.


Daytona Beach Main Street Pier and the Beach Walk

Romantic Gateways in Daytona Florida - Daytona Beach Main Street Pier and the Beach Walk

Rebuilt in 1925, Daytona Beach Main Street Pier is the most famous part of the city’s beach area and where many memories were made. This construction has been through a lot. It caught fire in 1920, had its pillars removed to allow beach racing, and even changed from being a casino to a seafood restaurant. If you are looking for one of the best Daytona Beach attractions for couples, then this is the place to take a romantic walk, enjoy the sunset, and even stay the night for nightly performances and beach activities. This area is generally very safe, but still, make sure to watch out for occasional homeless people, especially on each side of the street.


Sun Splash Park near the Speedway Boulevard

Sun Splash Park Found near the Speedway Boulevard is a Good Place for Picnicking and Having Fun

Sun Splash Park is an open water park that is also one of the most fun Daytona Beach attractions for kids as they get to enjoy some water splashes very close to the beach area with the safety of their parents keeping an eye on them. This small waterpark is located around three blocks off of the intersection of Atlantic Avenue and Speedway Boulevard. The waterpark here has other amenities, such as many car parks, public restrooms, and picnic areas. Overall, this is a great place to hang out on a sunny day. The Sun Splash Park is closed in winter and reopens at the beginning of March.

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