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The Best Restaurants in Krakow



The Best Restaurants in Krakow

Famous Restaurants in Krakow

Krakow is a large and spectacular city in Poland and restaurants in Krakow are some of the best in this country. Also, food in Krakow is diverse and you can taste many delicious dishes from local Polish ones to European and even Jewish ones.


Czarna Kaczka in The Heart of The Old Town

The Best Restaurants in Krakow - Czarna Kaczka Offers Relaxed Atmosphere And A Warm Welcome

Czarna Kaczka provides traditional Polish home cooking. It is one of top restaurants in Krakow offering a nice, relaxed atmosphere and a warm, friendly approach. You can either seat inside or outside in a quiet patio. Moreover, you can find Czarna Kaczka in the heart of Krakow’s Old Town, on the charming Poselska Street near the beautiful Main Market Square.


Ariel to Have Great Jewish food

Ariel is Located Near The Remuh Synagogue - A Guide to Food in Krakow

The Ariel restaurant is located in the very center of Kazimierz. Close to it, there is the Old Synagogue – the Museum of Jewish Culture, the Remuh Synagogue in full function and a historic cemetery. The Ariel Restaurant offers great Jewish food in Krakow especially those who are familiar with Jewish cuisine, although if you have not taste them you will find them delicious.


Pod Aniołami Restaurant near The Wawel King’s Castle

Pod Aniołami Restaurant is Near Cyrano de Bergerac Restaurants - Travel Guide Poland

You can find Pod Aniołami Restaurant in a 18th century building at The Royal Route near the Wawel King’s Castle. There is another eatery near here; Cyrano de Bergerac. The interior of these two restaurants is very similar to each other with stone walls. The difference is that this restaurant serves polish food in Krakow and Cyrano de Bergerac serves French ones.


Restauracja Wierzynek near Morschtyn-Haus

Travel Guide Poland - Restauracja Wierzynek Has The Highest Quality of Organic Products

Restauracja Wierzynek is another one of fancier restaurants in Krakow. It offers a combination of the highest quality organic products from local farms with the royal art of plating. It is good to know that this restaurant is a fine dining place. Therefore, their prices are higher than average. The interior is one of a kind representing historical aspects of Poland.


Sioux located Near the Main Square

Sioux Has A Kitchen Making Delicious Mexican Food - A Guide to Food in Krakow

Sioux Restaurant is a cozy place overlooking the heart of the Old Town near the Main Square. The restaurant specializes in delicious Mexican food in Krakow. The good thing abut this restaurant is that kitchen is located on the ground floor. You can see how the chef prepare your food. Also, you can watch numerous sporting events on the big screens available here.


Hamsa Middle Eastern Restaurant in the Center of Kazimierz

Hamsa Provides Middle Eastern And Israeli Dishes - Travel Guide Poland

In the heart of Kazimierz, the Hamsa Restaurant offers you a very pleasant food in an Israeli atmosphere. In fact it is one of top Middle Eastern restaurants in Krakow. Visiting it will allow you to get to know the traditional and modern cuisine of Israel and the Middle East, as well as gain a lot of positive energy. The restaurant consists of three adjacent rooms with different décor and a large summer interior garden. The Hamsa Restaurant offers indoor dining as well as an outdoor one. However, you really need to seat inside to appreciate their turquoise interior design.


Cyrano de Bergerac near The Princes Czartoryski Museum

The Best Restaurants in Krakow - Cyrano de Bergerac is Decorated With Stone And Brick Walls

A beautiful and luxurious restaurant in the city of Krakow, near The Princes Czartoryski Museum,
with an interesting design that attracts the attention of every visitor. Cyrano de Bergerac is decorated with stone and brick walls and small wooden chairs. The price level of this restaurant is high and it is considered as one of the luxury restaurants in the city, but the excellent quality of the service and its design are worth such price. It is good to now that this eatery serves some of the most premium quality of food in Krakow. Moreover, Cyrano de Bergerac serves a variety of French, European, Central European as well as vegetarian dishes.


Farina Restaurant Best for Seafood

A Guide to Food in Krakow - Farina Restaurant Uses Fresh And Top-Quality Ingredients

in the historic interiors of a palace house in the heart of the city resides one of the best restaurants in Krakow. You can find Farina Restaurant at the intersection of St. John and St. Mark. This is a seafood restaurant and Fish is the basis of the Farina Restaurant menu. Everything hey serve to here is based primarily on well-chosen, fresh and top-quality ingredients. Also, the beautiful wooden ceiling as well as its magnificent chandeliers, make this place an unforgettable location for dining in.


Food in Krakow

Polish cuisine is what you find here and the main food in Krakow is what local like to eat which is based a lot on meat. Over the years, more Western food have been introduced into the majority of restaurants’ menu, specially the ones in the Old Town. The good thing is that even the traditional food is delicious and does not seem weird or appetizing to most foreign tourists. Therefore, you would enjoy the local cuisine in this city, both in terms of taste as well as the lower costs.

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