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Top 5 Restaurants in Bodrum



Top 5 Restaurants in Bodrum

Top 5 Restaurants in Bodrum

The best time to visit Bodrum is in the summer time. This city offers good daytime temperatures, a lot of sunshine and fantastic restaurants in Bodrum. Also, September in this city is as calm as you want the blue sea to be. Here are the top 5 restaurants to enjoy during the summer time in this city.




Top 5 Restaurants in Bodrum - Memedof is Located Nearby The Sea Offering Fresh Seafood

One of most famous restaurants in Bodrum for fresh seafood is just nearby to the sea. However, you will need to make reservations in advance, if you want the terrace tables facing the sea. When you walk into Memedof, you’ll see 2 signs signs; one for the day’s catch and the other one for the day’s fresh meze. Their famous Bedrum food here are fava (mashed fava beans), şakşuka (fried aubergines with a yogurt and garlic sauce), deniz börülcesi (samphire), midye dolma (stuffed mussels), lakerda (salted bonito) as well as kalamar tava (fried calamari).



Top 5 Restaurants in Bodrum - Maçakızı is Whete to Enjoy the Natural Aegean landscape

Other than being the most luxurious boutique hotel in Bodrum, it has the highest number of upscale and pricey restaurants. You need to make reservations in advance to eat at Maçakızı’s fine-dining restaurant next to the water to enjoy the natural Aegean landscape, like the bushes of bougainvillea. Maçakızı is one of more internationally friendly restaurants in Bodrum.


Hoca’nın Yeri

Top 5 Restaurants in Bodrum - Hoca’nın Yeri offers Famous Mantı Which is A Bodrum Food

Hoca’nin Yeri offers famous mantı which is a Bodrum food and is a tiny handmade dough filled with ground meat and spices topped with a yogurt, garlic, and tomato sauce as well as çiğ börek ( a puffy fried dough filled with meat or cheese). These delicious dishes are carefully prepared and are not very expensive. The tables here are facing the water as well making it a unique experience if you want to eat alternative seafood dishes.


Soğan Sarmısak

Turkey Food Guide - Soğan Sarmısak is Located in The Gümüşlük Neighborhood

Soğan Sarmısak is another one of laid-back Bodrum restaurants which you can find it on the beach in the very humble Gümüşlük neighborhood. They are open for lunch and dinner, Also, they serve fantastic Turkish home cooking and change their menu very often. Enjoy their delicious food while relaxing your feet on the soft sand.


Penguen Cafe

Turkey Food Guide - Penguen Cafe Offer The Bal Badem Or candied Almond Ice Cream

In Turkey it is custom to eat sweets after you seafood meal. Therefore, the bal badem (candied almond) ice cream at Penguen is the best dessert you can have after your meal. This ice cream is filled with crunchy candied almonds and its texture and flavor is just too good.

After eating some of the best Bodrum food in these restaurants, you should also consider heading to some of the top bars in Bodrum. These bars offer great view of the sea and have great relaxing vibe in them. Their drinks are prepare by expert barmen as well.

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