Top Restaurants in Hobart

Top Restaurants in Hobart

Best Restaurants in Hobart

This article focuses on introducing the top cheap eats Hobart locals suggest. Normally, tourists are looking to find the top restaurants Hobart has to offer. Hobart is becoming a new place of culture, and things are rapidly changing here. This city competes with other cities in terms of social life, arts, music, and good food. The food scene is changing here as well, and new flavors are appearing on restaurants’ menus. These restaurants here offer creative and delicious food that will surely satisfy you.



Preachers in Salamanca Market

Cheap Eats Hobart - Preachers With a Backyard is Great For Dinner And Having Fun Time

Restaurant of Preachers is considered by many as a Hobart institution and the best cheap eats Hobart offers to the younger generation. This institution, without a doubt, should be on your list of restaurants. Preachers is a backyard restaurant that serves the most delicious salads, burgers, as well as fries in town. Also, here, it is great for dinner time as the crowd is more fun, and the vibe is better.


Peacock and Jones in Henry Jones Design Art Gallery

Australia Travel Tips - Peacock and Jones Uses Local Produce And Caters to Business Individuals

Peacock and Jones is one of the top restaurants in Hobart for business individuals. This restaurant focuses on local produce as well as food sustainability, which makes it worth a visit. Peacock and Jones have won a lot of awards, and many locals love this place as well. Therefore, you are sure to get a really high-quality of food here.


Solo Pasta and Pizza on King Street

Top Restaurants Hobart - Solo Pasta and Pizza Offer Authentic Italian Cuisine

Solo Pasta and Pizza is one of the oldest in Hobart’s food culture and the best place for cheap eats Hobart locals visit. This shop is indicative of authentic Italian cuisine with the highest quality of food. Community and closeness have kept this shop going for many years, and it still is loved by many locals.


Templo opposite Saint Mary’s Catholic Cathedral

Top Restaurants Hobart - Templo is Where to Have a Relaxed And Joyful Meal

Templo is a small neighborhood restaurant famous for locals where you can get a relaxed and joyful meal in a cozy and charming environment. This restaurant is hidden on a side street in Hobart, which is a bit secretive to find it.


Landscape Restaurant & Grill near the Dock

Australia Travel Tips - Landscape Restaurant & Grill is A Fine Dining Restaurant

Landscape Restaurant & Grill is simply famous as one of the few top restaurants in Hobart has to offer. You can find this amazing fine-dining restaurant at Hobart Waterfront. The taste of their artistic food, as well as its interior, makes it a must-visit restaurant. They offer classic dishes with creative twists, along with a really good wine that you can select from their menu.


Hejo’s Chinese Restaurant on 133 Elizabeth Street

Hejo's Chinese Restaurant is Located on 133 Elizabeth Street With Great Asian Food

Located on Elizabeth Street, you can find one of the more welcoming Chinese restaurants in Hobart. This eatery started with a humble beginning when a few students in Tasmania created a Chinese dish using fresh ingredients sourced from local Tasmania. Most of the dishes here are meat-based, but recently, they have introduced some vegetarian options on the menu.


The Lounge by Frogmore Creek As part of MACq 01 Hotel

The Lounge by Frogmore Creek is inside of MACq 01 Hotel with High Prices

The Lounge by Frogmore Creek is a fine dining institution located in the famous Coal River Valley Wine Region, which is actually a few minutes drive away from Hobart CBD. This restaurant has its own cellar, and wine is a big focus here, from cooking dishes to serving customers. The interior here is very modern, and the place is suitable for dates and family gatherings.


Suwan Thai Restaurant near Galleria Salamanca Hotel

Suwan Thai Restaurant is Found Near Galleria Salamanca Hotel

There is no shortage of Thai restaurants in Hobart, but Suwan has made Thai food even more delicious for the local community. Found in the Galleria Salamanca hotel, they do not shy away from giving customers great Thai food at good prices and large portion sizes.

If you are interested in trying local alcoholic drinks and drafts, try visiting the top pubs and bars in Hobart. These are bars where mostly young people hang out. They serve both local craft beer as well as international imports. Also, They have good selections of wines too.

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