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Top Water Parks Around the World



Top Water Parks Around the World

Best of Water Parks in the World

If you want to see the best water parks in the world with your family, then you need to explore the top water parks around the world to know where to go next on your vacation. Sliding through tubes, riding the waves or falling down vertical drops, there are many activities available in water parks. Here are some of the wildest and most fun water parks you can visit around the world.


Waterbom Bali in Kuta Bali of Indonesia

Top Water Parks Around the World - Waterbom Bali is Located South of The Village of Kuta

Waterbom Bali is the third best of water parks in the world and the best water park in Asia. Moreover, Waterbom Bali is a wonderful phenomenon on the island of Bali and south of the village of Kuta located among lush and tropical gardens. Waterboom Water Park has a unique and significant collection of various slides and various attractions that provide a good environment for having fun. There are 101 exciting and exciting games in this 3.8 hectare water park that can take up 24 hours a day and you will never notice the passage of time.

In addition to all this, the presence of restaurants and cafes with various drinks in Waterbom Bali gives you a few minutes to rest.

It is good to know that all slides and games in Waterbom Bali are in compliance with high world standards and make you feel safe. The water park also uses the common salt and chlorine technique to purify the water, which is compatible with human skin and the environment. The current Waterbom Bali prices are at IDR 535,000 per adult and IDR 385,000 per child for a single day.


Siam Park in Costa Adeje, Spain

Best Water Parks in The World - Siam Park Has An Area of ​​About 18 Hectares And Was Opened in 2008

The designers of Siam park made a huge and exciting water structure. In fact Siam park has an area of ​​about 18 hectares and was opened in 2008. The design of Siam park has the shape of the north of Thailand in the heart of Europe. Moreover, Siam park offers three sections. This sections will help you manage the limited hours of your presence in this water park well and enjoy your moments there. The family entertainment section, the adrenaline section and the rest section form the different sections of Siam Park. Is is good to know that the water temperature in all sections and in all seasons remains constant at 24 degrees Celsius.


Aquaventure Waterpark in Dubai

Top Water Parks Around the World - Aquaventure Waterpark is Located on Palm Jumeirah Island

Another one of well0known water parks in the world is Atlantis water park. This Park is also known by Aquaventure waterpark name. You can find the Atlantis water park on Palm Jumeirah Island. This water park is one of most famous water parks in Dubai. Atlantis Water Park is best known for its free-falling slide, as there is a free-fall slide at the resort, which eventually takes you through a shark aquarium, where you can see these animals from a close distance. There is also a zip line in Atlantis water park, which is one of its special features. The Aquaventure Waterpark tickets are priced at AED 300 per person for a single day visit.


Disney’s Typhoon Lagoon Water Park in Lake Buena Vista, Florida

Adventure Travel - Disney’s Typhoon Lagoon Water Park Provides Many Recreational Attractions for Families

Typhoon Lagoon Water Park is one of the best Walt Disney Water Parks in the world. In fact this park provides many recreational attractions for families. This water park is located in Orlando, Florida. In Typhoon Lagoon Water Park, you can enjoy water games and boating and provide children with the opportunity to have fun in a colorful and special atmosphere. It is a tropical paradise and is attractive for exciting water trips of any age. In addition to the unique waterfalls, calm rivers, swimming pools and play areas for children, this Typhoon Lagoon Water Park provides many good memories for tourists.


Wild Wadi Waterpark Located in Dubai, UAE

Adventure Travel - Wild Wadi Waterpark has 30 Attractive Parts Each With Unique Features

Wild Wadi Water Park is the best and most famous water parks in the world and particularly in Dubai. This water park delights every visitor with its exciting equipment. There are 30 attractive parts in the Wild Wadi, each with its own unique features. The amenities here such as Freefall and various slides of this park are very unique. The interesting thing about Wild Wadi is that some of the equipment is suitable for children and pregnant women so that they too can feel the excitement. Also, there are 3 large swimming pools in Wild Wadi where tourists can swimming or relax. The Wild Wadi Waterpark ticket price is at AED 270 for adults and AED 200 for children which includes access to all rides.


Universal’s Volcano Bay in Orlando, Florida

Best Water Parks in The World - Universal's Volcano Bay is Located in Florida

Universal’s Volcano Bay is a beautiful water park in Florida and most famous water parks in the world. This water park provides a very natural and beautiful view for the whole family. Furthermore, Volcano Bay Water Park has some very exciting rides like Adrenaline Park Ride, Tube Ride, Surfing Ride and more. The cool water that flows from the artificial mountain will add to the pleasure of swimming here.

If you want to see more natural places around the world, check out the 7 most beautiful national parks in Europe. These parks are a good place to visit with family and enjoy breathtaking sights especially during spring and Autumn time.

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