The most stunning monasteries in Bulgaria

The most stunning monasteries in Bulgaria

Religion is an important section of Bulgaria’s national characteristics. If you want to know more about the culture of this country, monasteries are an important part of your journey. Here is a guide on some of Bulgaria’s most stunning monasteries.



Bachkovo Monastery

The most stunning monasteries in Bulgaria

Bachkovo is Bulgaria’s second largest monastery and you can find it near the town of Plovdiv in the Rhodope Mountains. Each year, on August 15, thousands march to the monastery to attend a special Mass for Virgin Mary. When you see the monastery, follow the mountain path. It will take you to several beautiful chapels in the woods and one which is made inside a rock formation.


Dryanovo Monastery

The most stunning monasteries in Bulgaria

This monastery located in northern Bulgaria was the place where revolutionaries secretly had meetings in the 19th century to start the Bulgarian liberation movement. See the magnificent architecture and interiors of the monastery and then explore it. Don’t miss the Bacho Kiro Cave or the path of love available here.


Glozhene Monastery

The most stunning monasteries in Bulgaria

The Glozhene Monastery is not one of the largest, most visited or the oldest in Bulgaria. However, your heart will be captivated by its magnificent position, on top of a hill with beautiful scenery. It dates back almost 700 years and has symbols and paintings of the century.


Rozhen Monastery

The most stunning monasteries in Bulgaria

You can find Rozhen Monastery among the mighty Pyramids of Melnik. It is just 7 km from the smallest town of Bulgaria, the center of Bulgaria’s wine manufacturing country. Expect amazing scenery, local wines and a deep sense of calmness.


Rila Monastery

Rila Monastery

This UNESCO protected monastery is Bulgaria’s largest and the closest to Sofia. It was founded more than 1,000 years ago by St. Ivan of Rila. The monk, Raphael, who built it, used a magnifying glass to do his detailed work. This monastery offers a simple overnight stay for prayers.

If you are interested to see other parts of Bulgaria, you can visit Top Attractions in Sofia as well for a more comprehensive tour of attractions and monuments there.


Ivanovo Rock Monastery

The most stunning monasteries in Bulgaria

This set of UNESCO protected churches, chapels and monasteries can easily become one of the best moments of your trip to Bulgaria. They are located near the town of Ruse. Inside some caves, you can still see medieval paintings well preserved and painted by monks. The Ivanovo Rock Monastery is now a tourist destination and there are no more real monks here.

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