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Top Coffee Shops in Chicago

Top Coffee Shops in Chicago

Best Coffee Shops in Chicago

Coffee in Chicago is a serious business in town. There are many top coffee shops in Chicago that you can visit to grab some delicious coffee. This city has coffee shops that offer different vibes and levels of expertise for every taste. Here are Chicago‘s best coffee shops and cafes around.



Metropolis Coffee in Edgewater Neighborhood

Top Coffee Shops in Chicago - Metropolis Coffee is Located in Edgewater Neighborhood

This homey café offers some of the top coffee in Chicago. This place is located in the Edgewater neighborhood and serves high-quality coffees to locals. Also, they offer tasty breakfasts as well as a variety of pies. This is a hip spot where they roast their coffee beans daily, and they even have prices that attract nearby college students.


Ipsento 606 near the Bloomingdale Trail

A Guide to Coffee in Chicago - Ipsento 606 is Located Near the Bucktown And Wicker Park

Ipsento 606 is one of the more modern coffee shops in Chicago. This modern café near Bucktown and Wicker Park is a perfect place for people working with laptops. In fact, the café transitions into a casual cocktail place in the late afternoon. This café is also suitable for those who come from the Bloomingdale Trail and want to have an Espresso or just cold brew coffee and continue their day.


Oromo Cafe with Branches in Lincoln Square and Bucktown

A Guide to Coffee in Chicago - Oromo Cafe Offers Lemongrass-ginger Vietnamese Iced Coffee

Opened in 2016, this café has promised to provide only quality beans as well as fresh desserts to its customers, and ever since that year, they have kept this promise to the fullest. The Oromo Cafe in Lincoln Square and Bucktown is a substitute for Starbucks. Here, they offer vegan coffee in Chicago, like nut milk, superfood-infused lattes, as well as healthy snacks. Also, they have non-dairy milk if you want, as well as some exotic options like Japanese Match or Turkish delights alongside some freshly made superfoods available on their everyday menu. The most famous drink here is the lemongrass-ginger Vietnamese iced coffee.


Everybody’s Coffee in Uptown Chicago

Travel Guide USA - Everybody's Coffee Are Famous For Their Avocado Toast

This coffee shop has a unique design, a relaxed vibe, and delicious brews made by professional baristas. Also, you can get one of their famous avocado toast and enjoy it while sitting at their wooden tables. Everybody’s Coffee has the best interior design among the coffee shops in Chicago. The atmosphere here is very friendly, and the interior is always kept clean. With good staff and a chill environment, you are sure to enjoy your coffee and bagel here or simply chat with your friends or do your work in an amazing café in the Uptown neighborhood.


Buzz Coffee Roaster Located on North Spaulding Avenue

Travel Guide USA - Buzz Coffee Roaster and Baker Offer Fresh Espresso And Cinnamon Rolls

It was opened in 2009 and started as a hybrid between a brewery and a small coffee shop serving quality black or cappuccino coffee. This is a nice and spacious café, where you’ll find people working on their laptops or chatting about their work. They offer freshly roasted espresso as well as delicious cinnamon rolls.

Update: This café has become a full roastery and currently sells packaged beans.


Finding Cheap Coffee in Chicago

To find cheap coffee in Chicago, it is advised that you start from Logan Square on North Milwaukee Avenue and keep walking south on this road. Along this avenue, you will find many cafes selling coffee at very low prices, most to-go and there are also bakeries along the way, where you can buy the desserts separately and have them with your coffee.

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