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5 Cheap Places to Drink in Madrid



5 Cheap Places to Drink in Madrid

Top Cheap Bars in Madrid

There a quite number of bars in Madrid that you can go to as a tourist. However, you should try to try one of these 5 cheap places to drink in Madrid if you want to save some money in your travel expenses. Madrid is one of Europe’s most affordable cities. It’s not difficult to find a a hotel on a budget. Also, eating and drinking are very affordable at the right places. If you are on a budget here, then these are the cheapest places you can drink in Madrid.


La Tona near Centro

Bars in Madrid - La Tona Serves Andalusian Style Tapas And Has Good Vibes

This bar serves “Andalusian style” tapas and has a really good vibe as well. This bar is a cheap and suitable spot to get some beers and enjoy your fried fish. They have a few branches around the city as well. Also, don’t be in a rush since they are laid back here.

*Update: this restaurant is current not open.


Lizarran with Branches in Centro Neighborhood

5 Cheap Places to Drink in Madrid - Lizarran Serves Huevos Rotos

Lizarran is currently operating from a few locations in this city. This place is the one of the best bars in Madrid for people on a budget to drink beer & wine and some tapas. Also, you can have your beer with the huevos rotos which is one of their hearty salads. This is a franchise café with many branches in Centro and other major part of the city.


Bar Debod near Templo de Debod Landmark

Bars in Madrid - Templo de Debod Offers Tinto de Verano Wine Mixed With Fanta Limon

The park is packed with tourists visiting the temple by day, however when the sun goes down, you can get beer or tinto de verano which is wine mixed with fanta limon at Bar Debod and chill on the grass. The beer mostly costs beer 1 euro from the many walking street vendors nearby. This another one of great bars in Madrid if you are on a budget and want to socialize with locals while enjoying the nature. Also, the food here is very reasonably priced, therefore you should definitely order some chips to accompany your drink.


Entre Cáceres y Badajoz near María Eva Duarte de Perón Park

5 Cheap Places to Drink in Madrid - Entre Cáceres y Badajoz is Located Calle de Don Ramón de la Cruz

You can find Entre Cáceres y Badajoz near Calle de Don Ramón de la Cruz and close to María Eva Duarte de Perón Park. This bar is one of the few bars in Madrid that gives you free tapas when you get a drink. Therefore, you can eat your dinner here for less than 10 euros if you order a few beers. The only downside is that English is hardly spoken here so make sure to know a few Spanish phrases to make your order more seamless. Also, they are very famous for their old-school tapas and very friendly staff.


100 Montaditos near Museo Nacional Centro de Arte Reina Sofía

5 Cheap Places to Drink in Madrid - 100 Montaditos Means 100 Little Sandwiches

100 Montaditos, meaning 100 little sandwiches, is a bar with many locations throughout the city. This bar is one of the best bars in Madrid for quick snacks, nice beer and most impotently ease of access throughout the city. The great cafe/bar opened in 2000 and is for anyone who wants to drink at the lowest price possible. They have a menu with a hundred sandwiches and snacks inside so you can eat and drink on a very tight budget as well. Also, their most favorite drink menu item is their frozen beer jugs which is both cold and very nice in flavors. The most famous branch of this café is near Museo Nacional Centro de Arte Reina Sofía.

Also, you can try checking 5 cheap places to eat in Madrid where they offer cheap but very delicious food to tourists. Moreover, these places are scattered around the city and you can find them on your path if you explore this city thoroughly.

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